Michelle Visage Is A Club Queen In The New Dance Track “Not Madonna”

Confessions on a dance floor.

Any RuPaul’s Drag Race fan knows that Michelle Visage is a Madonna superfan.

Now, like the Queen of Pop, Visage hits the dance floor in the new bitch track, “Not Madonna,” from DJ-producer Adam Joseph. If you recognize Joseph’s name it’s because he was responsible for turning Aja’s Valentina Untucked read into the instant dance club classic “Linda Evangelista.”

For his latest track Joseph took a snippet from Visage’s appearance on Hey Qween with Jonny McGovern, where she goes off on drag queens who don’t take the time to sign autographs for fans at their shows. “You are not Madonna, girl,” Visage said in her interview, reminding queens that they are just boys in dresses.

“Jonny McGovern told her to do a track with me so I just did this because I had her in mind. I met her on the day of NYC Pride when we were both flying from Cincinnati to NYC and got to talk to her for a while,” Joseph told NewNowNext when he was asked why he decided to use Visage in his latest track.

“I’ve had her in mind ever since. I just did it because I love her.”

Don’t we all?

Listen to the new track below and prepare to bow to your new dance queen.

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