Mike Huckabee’s Alleged Gay Friend Surfaces On Twitter, Is Hilarious


In a recent CNN interview, Mike Huckabee made some strange analogies—comparing the gay “lifestyle” to drinking, swearing and enjoying ballet, and equating laws that require businesses treat LGBT customers like human beings to forcing Jews to eat bacon-wrapped shrimp.

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But, like Michelle Bachmann and all good neocons, the Huckster insisted he has gay friends.

A worldwide hunt for the former governor’s sissy soulmates turned up nothing—until @HuckabeesGayFriend surfaced on Twitter.


The anonymous “pal” is tweeting all kinds of mirthful commentary, and using #HopingforHuckabee, the hashtag supporters have created to encourage Huckabee to run for President in 2016.



A dig at Huckabee’s son, David, who reportedly killed a stray dog.

Boy George had some fun, too.

and a response:


And then Huckabee’s “real” gay friend emerged.

Dan, WTF?