Mike Pence Was Personally Invited to See Gay Broadway Musical “The Prom”

In fact, the story was specifically set in Indiana as a reference to the anti-LGBTQ VP.

Vice President Mike Pence’s record of anti-LGBTQ policymaking leaves much to be desired—and that’s precisely why the minds behind The Prom want him to see the new gay musical.

In an interview with NBC News, Chad Beguelin, the show’s lyricist and co-writer, revealed that Pence himself was an inspiration for the show’s core message of inclusivity. The musical follows Emma, a 17-year-old lesbian from middle America whose high school prom is canceled when she tries to bring her girlfriend, Alyssa, as her date.

Deen Van Meer

Similar stories have emerged out of states like Georgia, Louisiana, and Indiana, where Pence once presided as governor from 2013–2017. (The Prom was even set in Indiana as a subtle nod to Pence.)

It’s stories like these that highlight why The Prom is relevant, Beguelin said—and why people like Pence need to see inclusive media now more than ever.

“Our show isn’t about ostracizing people,” he told NBC News. “Our show is not about telling people, ‘You are wrong.’ Again, it’s about listening and empathy and accepting, and so my invite [to Pence] would just be like, ‘Listen to our show. It’s about love.’”

Caitlin Kinnunen, who plays Emma (and TV made history when she smooched her co-star during a performance of “Time to Dance” at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade), put it succinctly: “Come see this! You need it.”

Will Pence actually watch the show? The jury’s still out, especially since his previous trips to Broadway haven’t gone over all that well.

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