Miley Cyrus Crashes SNL, Announces Bangerz 2014 Tour


While you were  bumping into faux Miley Cyrus VMA wannabees at Halloween parties, the real Miley crashed Saturday Night Live to give host Edward Norton some tips.

Alec Baldwin was there, too, to put his colleague through “The Alec Baldwin SNL Warmup for Dramatic Actors” by instructing him on facial cues and making him give impressions of Woody Allen and Woody Harrelson.

Miley, meanwhile, just gave three simple rules to hosting:

“One, you’ve got to have fun. Two, you gotta keep your energy up and three, you gotta stick your tongue out,” and gave her infamous mouthswipe.

Of course Miley nonchalantly announced she is “about to be going on tour” on the show. But she was was a little more excited on social media:


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