Miley Cyrus Was Totally Lil’ Kim In A Past Life, Claims Miley Cyrus

Well here’s a fun story to kick off your day!

Apparently, when Miley Cyrus sang about just being Miley back in the day, she was telling a big ole’ lie, as the singer revealed in a recent interview she was totally Lil’ Kim in a past life. Also saying Miley was Lil’ Kim in a past life? No one.

MC told Billboard; “In my past life, I feel like that was me. I feel like Lil Kim is who I am on the inside.”

Miley also shows some love for her other favorite singers in the interview above, including Nicki Minaj and Beth Hart.

Oh, and Dolly Parton, who is also her godmother.

Lucky bitch.

And, as an added bonus, here’s Miley getting her cameo on in Lil’ Kim and Tiffany Foxx’s “Twisted” music video. Look closely we guess for the moment it all registers in Miley’s eyes that she was Kim back in the day.