Miley Cyrus Makes An Oscar-Worthy Movie: WATCH

Is that Miley Cyrus or Brookstone Bridge?

This year’s Oscar’s are still in flux, but next year’s Oscars are sewn up. Finished. Done. Because at the 2014 ceremony, Miley Cyrus is definitely winning best actress for So Undercover, a movie that will also win Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and a specially created award for Best Everything.

And sure, the movie is being released directly to DVD in February, which would typically make it ineligible for Oscar consideration. But the rules will be changed on its behalf.

Don’t believe me? Just watch the trailer.

Here are just some of the award-worthy moments that we see:

(1) Miley plays a private investigator who gets recruited by the FBI to go undercover at a sorority, which means she gets to use a husky “grown-up voice” and a giggly “sorority voice.” Talk about range!

(2) When Miley goes undercover, her alias is Brookstone Bridge.

(3) When Josh Bowman (Daniel from Revenge) suggests Miley isn’t really enrolled at his college, she has a comedic freak-out, yet she boldly decides to perform it with flat, awkward timing. It takes a fearless actress to avoid the funniness in a comedic scene.

(4) When Miley gets her “sorority makeover,” the FBI hires a flamingly gay hairdresser to help her out. That kind of boundary-breaking exposure for minority characters is going to get special attention.

(5) When Miley asks FBI agent Jeremy Piven why the Bureau isn’t using one of its own agents to infiltrate sorority row, he says, “They’re pretty beefy, and they’ve got mustaches. And that’s just the women.” HAAAAAHAHAHAHA.

Mark Blankenship cannot wait to download this movie, rent it from Redbox, and then buy it on DVD and Blu-Ray. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship

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