Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Sets Up Underwear Mogul Andrew Christian: WATCH

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Rosie Pierri, Guienevere Turner, Andrew Christian and Daniel. Photo: Bravo TV

Patti Stanger, chief yenta on Millionaire Matchmaker, is one of those reality TV personalities we love to hate: On the one hand, we love how she puts deluded singles in their place. On the other, she says things like “my gays.”

On last night’s episode, Patti worked to find a match for Andrew Christian. Yes, that Andrew Christian—he of the sexy underwear and sexier underwear models. She had the same wariness we would: “I’ve heard all sorts of things about him—that he’s a playboy, he works with all these hot male models in West Hollywood,” Patti says on “Here I’m thinking he’s going to be some gay Hugh Hefner. ” Of course she also has to mention, “I love setting up my gay men.” (Cringe.)

The other match on last night’s gay-themed episode was Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Rosie Pierri, who was paired with L Word writer-actress Guinevere Turner. Rosie is a self-proclaimed 47-year-old virgin. Guinevere is a gorgeous Hollywood actress. Even Patti didn’t see magic there. “Rosie and Guinevere are probably not a match,” she says, “but Rosie said she felt so much more comfortable getting back out there after the date.”

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Underwear bigshot Andrew Christian, meanwhile, ended up choosing Daniel, who was cute but by no means male-model gorgeous.  And was seriously more stable than some of the other candidates (above) “Good,” we thought. “There might actually be a smidgen of depth here.”

Silly us. After dinner, Andrew took Daniel to an underwear fashion show he was holding and asked him to get up on stage and model for the crowd. God forbid two gay men spend an hour together without at least one of them stripping down to their underwear, right?

Of course, our millionaire matchmaker sees romance blossoming: “I think those two have a really good future.” Wow, it’s like you can see the future, Patti.

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