Trump Supporters: We’re Not Racist Because Milo Yiannopoulos Is Gay!

“Are you saying someone can’t be gay and a white nationalist?"

A Donald Trump supporter dismissed concerns over his affiliation with by explaining that one of the site’s writers is “incredibly gay.”

CNBC regular Steve Cortes insists that Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay pundit banned from Twitter this summer, is living proof Breitbart is an inclusive platform.

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked Cortes about Trump’s decision to name Breitbart chief Steve Bannon as his new campaign director, given how the site courts radical right-wingers like Yiannopoulos.

“They are white nationalists,” Reid said. “Does that make you uncomfortable to be in the same camp with them?”

“Well, I would say they are nationalists,” Cortes replied. “I wouldn’t say they are white nationalists. And Milo, by the way, who you cite, is certainly the best known member of the alt-right, he’s very provocative. He’s also incredibly gay! And very, very public about it.”

“What does being gay have to do with it?” Reid asked. “You can be gay and racist.”

“Fine, it’s a retrograde nationalist white Southern movement,” Cortes said sarcastically.

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