Mischa's Goin' To Russia…And She's Stalking t.A.T.u.!

240x360_mischa 240x360_tatu

Mischa and her career want in, you guys!

I’ve heard people making fun of Mischa for being completely D-List for a while now, but this seems really bad. Even if she is playing a les.

It seems really bad this movie exists at all, really. It’s about that lesbian pop group, t.A.T.u., (Yeah…they still exist, apparently.) and it’s based on a Russian novel called t.A.T.u come back.

Mischa plays an American living in Moscow who becomes obsessed with the duo.

And this is a movie…how?

Well, either way, the movie’s directed by Roland Joffe, whose credits include The Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore and, clearly his crowning achievement, the Super Mario Bros. Movie!

Keep at it, Mischa.