Misha Collins On Destiel, Hot 100, Random Acts and More

misha-barrowmanJohn Barrowman (l) and Misha Collins at Comic Con last weekend. (photo by Jonathan Reilly)

Oh, Misha Collins.

You make us swoon as Castiel on the hit CW series Supernatural, regularly display your fabulous playfulness online (often with co-stars Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles , as he did at Comic Con last weekend, John Barrowman) and, being one of the many great guys on our 2013 Hot 100, you embrace the honor.

In case you missed it, here’s what Collins cheekily said about his Hot 100 spot last month: “I am honored to even be considered for any list that includes such icons as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. I have had posters of those guys hanging over my bed for years now. I find the whole thing quite arousing.”

And, if that weren’t enough, Collins is also a tireless advocate for helping others, with an emphasis on paying it forward. We grabbed some time with the actor/advocate recently to talk about the Hot 100, Supernatural slash shipping, his charity Random Acts and the greatest scavenger hunt the world has ever seen.

TheBacklot: Congrats on making our Hot 100 and thanks for the great quote. The gays love you, Misha.

Misha Collins: I know. It’s kind of exciting. I’m thrilled. I never expected to be…well, that’s not true. I, for a long time, have been thinking of my own Hot 100 list just in the privacy of my own living room. I haven’t always made it on that list.

It’s kind of a surprise to me. I mean after everything that’s happened since joining cast of Supernatural it has been a bit of a surprise to me. But one of the big surprises was that the show itself has such a large and devoted gay following. Awesome.misha2Hot 100 regular Misha Collins

TBL: And the shipping of Dean and Castiel is quite a huge thing, too, where people just want to see the two of you together.

MC: I know. It’s kind of amazing. It’s something that I am fascinated by. I don’t understand it, but I’m fascinated by it. I guess from what I understand, that shipping occurs…there are people writing fiction that are about my character and another character on the show having this homoerotic dalliance. Some of the authors are straight men.

TBL: That always blows me away.

MC: It’s totally surprising. That never would have occurred to me.

TBL: You’ve been keeping busy with your charities, too.

MC: I’ve got the scavenger hunt and the charity, which are two separate things. There’s kind of a good tie in between the two. I just got back from Haiti where Random Acts, which is the nonprofit that I started with some Supernatural fans, has been funding the construction of a large community center and orphanage in Haiti. We did the ribbon cutting ceremony a few weeks ago. It was really, really gratifying to see it.

gishwhes1In the mood for a Scavenger Hunt? GISHWHES is for YOU!

TBL: And GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen) really is about spreading goodwill to other people, which is something we need in our world today.

MC: It’s a huge event and we already have about a thousand people signed up all over the world. Hopefully we have more people sign up before we close registration in a couple of weeks. I just got a letter recently from girls that participated in the scavenger hunt who had been at the local Target and saw a gathering of people with balloons outside the Target. She went up and asked them what was going on. They had a big gathering there because everybody had ponied up money to pay for a single mother on welfare who didn’t have the money and was on hard times to do a shopping spree at the Target. She said, ‘What’s your organization?’ A guy said, ‘Actually, my daughter just did a scavenger hunt and I pledged to do a random act of kindness so I’m organizing this event.’ So, it was really cool seeing somebody who participated in the scavenger hunt coming across somebody else carrying out their act of kindness that they pledged to do.

For more on Random Acts, visit the website. To sign up for this year’s GISHWHES, visit its website. Supernatural returns for season 9 on the CW on October 15th.