“Mission Impossible”’s Impossible Mission to Stay Fresh. Or Make Anyone Care…

The latest trailer for Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol has finally been released, giving the world just what it needs. A whole lot more footage of shit being blown up.  In fact, MIGP It has so many explosion that the filmmakers completely forgot to add any punctuation in a title desperately in need of colons.

Aside from a new name that sounds like a bad translation of a Japanese game show, the trailer reveals that this latest mission is pretty much the same as the previous missions. What a shock.

We have the same blend of sidekicks and spies who fly around as things blow up dangerously close to them. We have international locales that are just waiting to get messed up. And of course, we have Tom Cruise climbing on walls, vents, and Oprah’s couch in his never-ending quest to feel taller than everybody else.

“See, Katie? Now you don’t have to look down on me ever again. I’m on a building!”

There are a few fresh faces in the mix, including Jeremy Renner in a role that is rumored to keep the franchise alive once Tom Cruise’s character retires/dies/is summoned by Xenu.

Jeremy Renner is also in the upcoming Avengers film as Hawkeye, the only superhero
that will never, ever get his own movie. Unless it also stars Hot Lips and Radar.

We also get a half-second glimpse at another new addition Josh Holloway, last seen shooting paintballs at Chevy Chase on Community. After living for half a decade on a magic island populated by Matthew Fox and dangling plot threads, Holloway is an expert at the angry-glower-face.

““If you tell me to climb into another hatch, I’m going to shoot you in the neck.”

But there is one reason this sequel might be different from its predecessors: it’s directed by Brad Bird, the mastermind behind such Pixar classics as The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

He kind of looks like Jeremy Renner. Does anyone else see that?

At first glance, this film might look like a complete departure for Bird, a way to forget about family-friendly heart-warmth and turn on the Michael Bay side of his brain. However, there are a few moments in the trailer that might look familiar to Pixar fans. For example, our main character meets with a wacky sidekick (Simon Pegg) to learn about his fancy superhero gear.

“Do these gloves make me look taller?”

This should be familiar to anyone who remembers Edna Mode, the character who served the exact same function in The Incredibles.

This character was also voiced by Bird. She may or may not be getting her own spin-off film with Mater from Cars.

Mission Impossible also highlights a lot of foreign cities and each one’s beautiful architecture — before blowing much of it up.

Ratatouille did the exact same thing.

Paris, city of romance and rodents

Admittedly, there aren’t any explosions in the picture above, but Pixar movies have indeed blown up a few things in the past: toys, minivans, some killer sharks (unless I’m mixing up Finding Nemo with Jaws: The Revenge again). Either way, these films know their way around a well-pixilated explosion.

(Picture taken seconds before this poor little guy is engulfed in flames)

There are other similarities too: chase scenes, slow-motion-falling, gadgets, inspirational speeches amongst main characters. If the trailer swapped Eminem for Randy Newman, then this film would be indistinguishable from The Incredibles 2.

Take a look at the trailer yourself and see if there are other signs of Brad Bird’s influence.

However, if this truly were a Pixar film, the Tom Wilkinson role would probably go to John Ratzenberger.

And the world would be a better place.