Missouri Moves to Ban Marriage… for Everyone

We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

In a seemingly unending parade of bizarre anti-LGBTQ bills to come out of state legislatures this year, Missouri might have just topped the list for strangest.

On Monday, the state held a hearing on House Bill 2173, a 382-page bill introduced by Rep. Adam Schnelting which would strip marriage rights away from all of its residents, not just LGBTQ people. It was first introduced and read on Valentine’s Day, because of course it was.

In a stunning House committee hearing on Monday, elderly straight Missourians begged their representatives not to take away their marriages.

The bill would turn all current and future marriages into “domestic unions.”

Many have criticized it as an anti-LGBTQ attempt strip marriage equality from same-sex spouses. They point out that in-state religious institutions will likely continue to marry most heterosexual residents.

Opponents also say the measure is anti-immigrant because couples may not be able to sponsor their spouses without marriage.

However, marriage equality is federally recognized, meaning HB 2173 would likely be found unconstitutional.

The bill is still waiting on a vote.

While the Missouri legislature entertains this bizarre measure, may we direct your attention to Pierre, South Dakota, where young transgender people successfully defended their right to obtain gender-affirming health care? Or perhaps Boise, Idaho, where lawmakers are pushing an extreme bill that would make it a felony for medical practitioners to treat trans youth?

Kate Sosin is an award-winning, trans-identified news and investigative reporter.