Watch Miz Cracker Give Nyle DiMarco a Trixie Mattel Drag Makeover

Please welcome to the stage... Trixie Matwo!

Watch Nyle DiMarco become a skinny legend right before your very eyes!

In a new installment of Them’s video series “Drag Me,” Miz Cracker makes over one of our favorite dreamboats, transforming him into Trixie Mattel’s stunning twin sister, Trixie Matwo!

This is the Dancing With the Stars winner’s first time in drag, and during his makeover he kikis with Cracker about many things, including his work as a deaf actor and his charitable foundation, which helps deaf children gain access to education in sign language.

Don Arnold/WireImage

The sexually fluid model and activist also teaches Cracker how to sign some modern phrases like “Netflix and chill” and “Slide into my DMs.”

Cracker usually has different outfits for her subjects when completing their drag look, but the Drag Race Season 10 girl only had Trixie on the brain when dreaming up DiMarco’s drag. In fact, when the Top Model winner gets dressed as Trixie, Cracker changes into a Katya-inspired outfit, completing the full UNHhhh drag duo transformation.

Witness the birth of Trixie Matwo in the video below.

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