Models Carry Replicas Of Their Own Heads In Gucci Runway Show

How's your head?

It’s hard to surprise jaded fashionistas, but Gucci pulled it off yesterday at Milan Fashion Week. The iconic Italian fashion house sent models down the runway cradling realistic recreations of their own heads—down to the hairstyle and facial expression.

PiPietro D'aprano/Getty Images

Others came down the catwalk, made to look like an eerie operating room, cradling snakes, chameleons, and baby dragons. Some had unibrows, or wore turbans—one model had a third eye in the middle of her forehead.

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele said the fake heads were intended to represent finding your identity and “looking after your head and thoughts.”

The medical aesthetic was intended to show how fashion is “surgical,” Michele said, though he admitted staging the elaborate show was “exhausting.”

Pietro D'aprano/Getty Images)

Vogue editrix Anna Wintour was in the front row, but gave no indication if she found the doppleganger effect amusing.

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