Kristi Merritt, Facebook

Mom Dresses Up Like Pirate, Mexican, To Attack Trans People

"A man in women's clothes does not make him a woman!"

A mother from Washington has taken to Facebook to express her beliefs about trans inclusion in bathrooms.

In a stunning display of ignorance, Washington native Kristi Merritt posted a series of photographs to her Facebook page to show her support for the recently passed anti-LGBT legislation out of North Carolina and Mississippi, which bans trans individuals from using the bathrooms that align with their gender identities.

Kristi Merritt, Facebook

In the photo collage, Merritt can be seen wearing various costumes along with the sign “Does this make me a __?,” in order to demonstrate that wearing a specific outfit doesn’t transform someone into a different person, arguing that trans women shouldn’t be allowed to use the women’s restroom because they are, essentially, just men in dresses.

Merritt first makes her point by showing that just because she’s wearing a sombrero, doesn’t mean that she’s a Mexican:

Kristi Merritt, Facebook

Next, she proves that wearing a black vest and a parrot doesn’t make her a pirate:

Kristi Merritt, Facebook

Here, she shows that wearing a football jersey doesn’t transform her into Russell Wilson:

Kristi Merritt, Facebook

Before finally concluding that if none of these wardrobe changes shift her identity, how could a pair of heels and a dress “make a man into a woman”, therefore giving him the right to use the women’s restroom?


Though the offensive post quickly went viral, garnering over 30,000 views when it was first shared last week, it has since been removed by Facebook for violating community guidelines.

h/t: Pink News

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