Georgia Mom Furious That Daughter Took “Sexual Identities” Quiz In Health Class

"What does that have to do with life?"

The mother of a sixth grader in Georgia is upset this week after her daughter brought home a quiz that dealt with sexual and gender identities.

Octavia Parks said her 12-year-old’s health teacher assigned a quiz that required students at Lithonia Middle School to define terms like gay, lesbian and transgender.

“Why are they teaching that in school?” Parks asked FOX 5 Atlanta. “What does that have to do with life?”

FOX 5 Atlanta

Parks claims the health teacher assured her earlier in the year that they would not be discussing material of that nature, adding that she feels it is inappropriate because her daughter is too young.

“We’re talking about a sixth grader who still watches Nickelodeon,” the mother said. “I’m not ready to explain what these words are nor what they mean.”

Despite Parks not wanting to have the discussion with her child, others who found fault with the class argued that lessons on sexual identity should be taught at home by parents, not in schools.

“I will be removing her from that class, and I’m also going to take it to the board of education to see what they have to say about it, as well,” Parks said.

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