Mom Surprises Trans Daughter With Cake Inscribed “Congratulations! You Are Now Gabrielle!”

“My daughter is never speechless. I knew at that moment my child came back to me. She was on her way to who she had been from birth.”
16-year-old Gabrielle Diana Gladu had been anxiously waiting for months to hear back about her request for a legal name change, something she calls “a HUGE step” in her transition.

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Her mother Rose, an ardent supporter of Gabrielle’s since birth, decided to surprise her daughter by fashioning the announcement as literal icing on a cake.

“You’re name change came through,” she tells her daughter, beaming, as tears well up in Garbrielle’s eyes.

“I hope when people see this video, they see the importance of names and pronouns, because they are so important to someone’s transition,” Gabrielle told BuzzFeed. “It makes them feel valued and important, and that makes transitioning a lot easier.”