“Mommy” Director Xavier Dolan Is Tempted To Just Stay Home And Masturbate To Jake Gyllenhaal

Award Winners photocall

Breakout director Xavier Dolan was the toast of the Cannes film festival, where he served as a judge. The out filmmaker was on the fest’s grand jury with several other talents, including Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Last year, when Dolan won the Jury Prize for Mommy, he admitted only a project he was passionate about could tear him away from his crush on the Southpaw actor.

Gay books next?

“I make films when it burns me, when it too consumes me to stay at home and masturbate in front of a picture of Jake Gyllenhaal,” Dolan, now promoting It’s Only the End of the World, told Les inRocks.


Vanity Fair remembered that quote, and asked Dolan if it was tough to be so close to Gyllenhaal at the iconic film festival.

VF: You spoke about having a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal in an interview last year. Is it hard to concentrate with him on the panel?

Dolan: [Grins] Is it hard? What part of me?

Touché, Xavier.


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