Watch ABC’s “What Would You Do?” Enlist the Help of Monét X Change

"You are not our son when you are dressed like that."

The ABC reality series What Would You Do? hires actors to stage fake uncomfortable situations, and then films the bystanders to see how they react to the dramatic scene.

The latest episode takes place in a Brooklyn diner where two actors playing unaccepting parents meet their son for lunch—and he shows up in full drag.


“You are not our son when you are dressed like that,” says the father in front of the full diner.

New York queen Jackie Cox plays the couple’s son, but she isn’t the only queen in the show’s segment. Series host John Quiñones enlists the help of Drag Race Season 10 Miss Congeniality Monét X Change to help him watch the scene unfold in the restaurant, and add some commentary to the challenges Jackie—and other drag queens—go through.

How do the patrons react to the family argument between Jackie and her parents? Their responses may surprise you, but we will tease that at one point things get so emotional that Monét enters the diner to meet some witnesses she was so impressed with.

Watch the surprisingly emotional scene below.

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