Monopoly To Kill Off One Of Its Game Pieces – You Decide Which One

One has to go.

Cast your mind back through the mists of time, to an era before Angry Birds and Temple Run took up all your leisure time, when entertainment took the form of an actual physical game that you and your sister could play for hours until the traditional ending where one of you would turn over the table, yelling at the other for cheating. Ah, it was a simpler time.

But those heartfelt memories of using a race car, iron, Scotty Dog, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble or battleship to move around the board and/or throw at your sister are now being threatened. That’s right, Hasbro will be retiring one of the classic game pieces this February.

You can vote for which ones you’d like to stay by visiting the Monopoly Facebook page, and you can also vote for which replacement you like. You can choose from the equally random assortment of a cat, a guitar, toy robot, helicopter and diamond ring – all guaranteed to make a mark when they hit your sister’s forehead.

We’ve seen some Monopoly shakeups before, with the likes of Garfield Monopoly, I Love Lucy Monopoly, and Poke-Monopoly having come and gone, but this time, they may have gone too far. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it: Hasbro literally has a Monopoly monopoly.

So vote now, or you may never get to play with your favorite piece again. Unless, you know, you want to go into your parent’s basement and take out one of the five water-stained versions in there.

Then you can go back to playing Angry Birds.

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