More gay kissing (and some stripping) on Spain’s “Operacion Triunfo”

A few weeks ago,
we blogged
about the Spanish singing competition Operacion Triunfo (the equivalent to our American Idol), and one of its out contestants, Chipper Cooke. Chipper (who’s American) received a kiss from his husband on stage, to the great delight of the cheering audience.

Chipper is still in the competition, and in this clip, is again visited by his husband (in what looks like some kind of isolation room). They don’t hesitate in making up for lost time, and I have to say, this is one of the sweetest scenes I’ve ever seen on a reality show. Not only for the kissing, which is passionate but also affectionate, but also for the intimacy that’s on display, with the shoulder and head caresses, and the obvious love in their eyes (oh jeez … I sound like a Richard Marx ballad).

But it really is something special, and when Chipper walks out, and exuberantly jumps in the air, I did feel a lump in my throat. (btw, Chipper and his husband are speaking English, but the clip is dubbed into Spanish … so the only words I could get were “be strong”.

The second clip has no redeeming social value whatsoever … it’s just hot and hilarious. In this clip, Chipper performs a striptease while singing the Hot Chocolate classic, “You Sexy Thing”. Not only does he expertly strip while singing (not an easy feat), but he’s wearing underwear that looks like those Magic Eye optical illusions. I stared intently waiting for something to pop out, but unfortunately, those things have never worked for me.

You can see Chipper’s strip tease after the break. It’s hypnotic! And thanks to reader lyonn24 for the tip!

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