More Hollywood Halloween Hotties In Costumes! Celebrity Instagram

Wrapping up a fabulous holiday

Halloween may be over, but the flood of social media celebrations are still flooding in.

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Let’s take one more in-depth look at the best, scariest, and sexiest costumes our favorite celebs presented this year.

Zachary Quinto had me a little confused as to what he was going for for Halloween with this image

halloween 2015. phase one. @milesmcmillan

A photo posted by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

But He quickly followed up with the second picture showing makeup worthy of a Planet of the Apes sequel

halloween 2015. phase two. about to kill this night thanks to #danifonseca @thebodyofart

A photo posted by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

Plus, he did it times two, since Miles is also a big hairy ape

halloween 2015. phase three. gorillas in the mist. bam.

A photo posted by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

Kyle Krieger dressed so that he’d have an excuse to touch butts

Will you let me and Tina touch your butt this Halloween? NEW VIDEO. Link in bio. ?? #HappyHalloween

A photo posted by Kyle Krieger (@kylekriegerhair) on

Nick Adams competes with his boyfriend for the best abs

With my best ghouls. #halloween #flyhigherthananEagle @adammperry @r1987m @kylejbrown001 #myboyfriendsbody ???????

A photo posted by NICK ADAMS (@thenickadams) on

Christopher Sean is wishing he’d dressed as AC Slater right now

Thomas Dekker is serving up some great Beetlejuice

Happy Halloween fuckers!!!!!!

A photo posted by Thomas Dekker (@thomas.dekker) on

I’m guessing Ian is a joint?

A photo posted by Ian Bohen (@ianbohen) on

Max went all out with the accessories for Karate Kid

#karateKid #halloween #preGame. Cred @jmerrillnyc

A photo posted by Max Emerson (@maxisms) on

Maybe they just wanted you to be able to go as your own turtle, Alan

When neither of your boys want to be the turtle you play…

A photo posted by Alan Ritchson (@alanritchson) on

Ryan is giving Zoolander realness

Blue Steele.

A photo posted by Ryan Steele (@rysteele) on

As usual, the group costumes for the Burtka-Harris family are on point. David really outdid himself again

A long time ago in a Halloween far, far away….

A photo posted by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph) on

Cameron goes for a little David Bowie

You're a rock and roll suicide

A photo posted by Cameron Monaghan (@cameronmonaghan) on

Danny Pintauro and his husband Will Tabares with Daniel Franzese at Halloweenie

Steve Grand mixes period costumes at Halloweenie

@halloweeniela #Halloweenie #HalloweenieLA #WeenieLa

A photo posted by Steve Grand (@stevegrandmusic) on

Michael goes for tourist chic

Costume number two: Tourist Chic

A photo posted by Michael J. Willett (@misterwillett) on

But later changes to Wreck It Ralph

Costume number one: Rancis from "Wreck It Ralph"

A photo posted by Michael J. Willett (@misterwillett) on

Lance needs more time between his gigs, but at least the second one is in radio

Keegan Allen chose to hide his abs under puffy abs to pull off Bane

Russell Tovey went with a classic skeleton zombie, and got photobombed by condiments

Obligatory #halloween selfie #newyork style #skeletee #mustard #subway #manhattan

A photo posted by Russelltovey (@russelltovey) on

Scott Bixby and Andrew Keenan-Bolger nailed the couples costume

While pornstar Tyler Rush serves up a sexy robin

Matt McGorry is feelin’ the Bern

Cody Christian probably just came from the gym anyway

Channing Tatum breaks out the Winnie the Pooh onesie that scared his daughter’s school

Blake McIver shares Han Homo, which I’m surprised I haven’t see before

Tom Lenk goes a little too conceptual, but at least it’s a conversation starter

Matt Dallas can’t muster a smile on Gay Christmas

Call it Reno 911 if you want, but it seems lazy to me

Chris and Will bring out the costume that’s appropriate for the party, and the afterparty later

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita take us back to Napoleon Dynamite

I think Josh and Fergie are enjoying this more than their son

It is the perfect redhead costume

There’s a lot of nostalgia costumes for the parents with young kids

When you need blood, but can’t be underdressed

Josh seems to be adapting to Halloween in the States

Hugh gets electric for Halloween

While Matt and Simon can’t hide their handsome behind zombie makeup

Although Matt made a pretty hot vampire

Honestly Trevor, if you wanted a lazy Halloween costume just do something in your underwear

Jenna and Channing have the cutest noses

Steve and Frankie showed off their assets at Halloweenie

Misha seems to have confused his holidays

How many costumes did Blake make?

I like seeing superheroes get gender-bent. Especially when there was already a Superman to go with

Now Steve matches his crew

Josh Duhamel had a different costume when he and Arianna were on Ellen

Darren has hooked his old castmate

And the Harris-Burtka twins had a second look they rocked this week

I guess if your body is ready to play a gay porn legend, its ready for head to toe Spandex

Moving beyond Halloween, Keegan Hirst has shaved his face so he can grow it back for Movember. How can he find shirts that fit?

Let the moustache growing commence! #movember #moustache #nobeard #smooth

A photo posted by Keegan Hirst (@keeganhirst) on

Steve Grand seems to have found his people in Los Angeles, and his people are all sexy

Wondering what could make this photo more unbearable. #askingforafriend

A photo posted by Steve Grand (@stevegrandmusic) on

And very friendly

Quite friendly in fact

The King Cobra will have plenty of cops

NY's FINEST #KingCobraMovie

A photo posted by Justin Kelly (@tojustinkelly) on

Pornstache Matthew Lewis is just a big diva

Out strongman Rob Kearney placed second overall this weekend, as well as this record

Taking the family through a sleepy town

Exploring San Miguel through a different set of eyes. #howthingsevolve #sanmigueldeallende @nateberkus

A photo posted by jeremiahbrent (@jeremiahbrent) on

Andrew Rannells may be King, but he still answers to Lin

And believe it or no, Gareth Thomas is dressed for Christmas, not Halloween

Tell me you didn’t read that in Spike’s voice

Ricky is now a member of Taylor’s squad

No, it wasn’t yet. And you can do better than that

That really is a pretty good geek get

Yup, that's Luke SKYWALKER. And @charlotteross2 #LiamMcintyre and me. Mark was nice. #CelebsFakeLaughing

A photo posted by echokells (@echokells) on

Yes, he really did hang out with Captain Crunch and ride a mechanical shark. Won’t somebody cast him on a sitcom already?

See, they’re fake eating giant cereal together

Cyndi has been singing with Nashville royalty, like Willie Nelson

Jensen knows the outfit is half the game

Pornstach it is. Are you giving rides?

One of these days Michael will have had enough, and leave town for all of October

Mid shave terror!! #LanceScares @michaelturchinart

A video posted by Lance Bass (@lancebass) on

It does fit their dynamic

So what are you filming exactly?

You both know more people click through if you take off your shirts

Now that could be an interesting song

Surely Alicia Keys has been drunk in England before

Me & @jimmynapes just took @aliciakeys to her first English Pub. Unbelievable Jeff ?

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

Bobsled butt. Formerly rugby butt. Where would that butt go from here?

Luke loves the sun on his shoulders

I think I like this look more than the gorilla from above

aardvark. first stab at josh. pop of color. telsey & co. 2015.

A photo posted by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

You call that a spider?

Well, at least it has padding for when you fall

It’s so good seeing Matty back to diving. I hope he makes the team for Rio

Me and @grantnel88, synchronised in every way ?? ?

A photo posted by Matt(hew) Mitcham (@matthewmitcham88) on

I swear Lady Gaga could still be in costume from the set

Not fast enough to avoid that, were you Barry?

Finding Flash @grantgust @davidpaulramsey

A photo posted by emilybett (@emilybett) on

Maulik ran a lot further than I could

Honestly, I get this more than I’d expect when I come out to someone these days

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