More Sound, More Music: 8 Musicals NBC Could Mount Next Year

The Sound of Music Live! - Season 2013 musicals

The Sound of Music earned NBC 18.6 million viewers and, judging by the onslaught of Wal-Mart commercials, a whole pile of ad revenue. Since money talks louder than a bunch of nasty teenagers with Twitter accounts, the network has already promised to give us another live musical next year.

To ensure the tradition continues to be a success, we’ve lined up a few possibilities for NBC to consider.

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LIVE peter pan

Peter Pan starring Pink
NBC originally broadcasted this show in 1955 and it’s still a classic. Plus, Pink has proven she can belt out songs while dangling precariously above a stage. Seems like a match made in heaven to us. Move over, Mary Martin.

LIVE a chorus line

A Chorus Line starring Elizabeth Berkley
This classic backstage extravaganza has no sets or costume changes, so a televised performance would be a breeze. And after Berkley’s untimely dismissal from Dancing with the Stars, we’d love to see her get another shot at becoming a goddess.

LIVE west side story

West Side Story starring Zac Efron
Everyone knows and loves this musical. Also, maybe we could work in a reason for Tony to take his shirt off?

LIVE my fair lady

My Fair Lady starring Cher Lloyd
Classic score? Check. Reality show winner? Check. Unintelligible accent? Double check. Plus, Lloyd’s giant, expressive eyes could probably fool people into believing she’s really acting.


LIVE the wiz

The Wiz starring Amber Riley
Like Berkley, Riley’s proven her dancing chops on Dancing with the Stars—and Glee prepped her for the show’s singing and acting requirements. Plus, this way we can get Audra McDonald back—as Aunt Em.

LIVE funny girl

Funny Girl starring Lea Michele
You know her agent is already pushing for it. Just let her have this one. The girl’s been through a lot.

LIVE hello dolly

Hello, Dolly! starring Carol Channing
This might be another Barbra movie, but Channing played the title role in five stage productions over 30 years, so she probably has it committed to memory by now. And if she doesn’t, that might be just as entertaining as Underwood.

LIVE mame

Mame starring Cher
This one’s been rumored for longer than we can remember, though it’s admittedly a long shot: Cher will be busy with her tour and would cost way too much money. And Mame isn’t the most mainstream of musicals (shocking, I know. But it’d still be drop-dead fabulous to see a grand diva playing a grand diva. And how about Lady Gaga as Agnes Gooch?