Morehead Pride

Kim Davis’ Hometown Hosts First Pride Event

Though the infamous clerk didn't show up, her drag doppelgänger certainly did.

A year after Kim Davis made international headlines for refusing to distribute marriage licenses to same-sex couples on the basis of religion, her hometown of Morehead, Kentucky held its first ever Pride parade.

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The parade was organized by David Moore, one of the first people denied a license from Davis. Once he and his husband, also named David, were finally able to get married last Halloween, they decided that they wanted to organize a Pride event for the town.

With the help of Morehead Pride, a nonprofit dedicated to the town’s LGBTQ community, and the Morehead tourism board, Moore was able to pull off Eastern Kentucky’s first Pride festival this past weekend.

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The event saw local drag performers (including one drag queen dressed up as Kim Davis), marriage plaintiffs, activists and dozens of LGBT Kentuckians from all over the state come together to celebrate Pride.

In addition to the attendees, 50 vendors from the community, including several nonprofits, came out to peddle their LGBT wares.

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While some accused Moore of only organizing the event because of Davis’ actions last August, the Pride director maintained that she was just a “catalyst” that forced him, and many others living in Morehead, to confront exactly where they stood on the issue of gay rights.

As Morehead Pride attendee Sheri Wright put it, “There’ve been people who have been afraid to be allies, or people who have been afraid to not voice hatred, for fear of being labeled part of the LGBT community.”

“[Now] they’re saying, who cares?”

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Morehead Pride was such a rousing success that Moore has said organizers are already getting to work planning next year’s festivities.

h/t: Gay Star News

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