Morning Meme: 50 Cent Would Do “Glee,” Matthew Mitcham Not Retiring, and Conan O’Brien Takes a Beating In Slow-Mo

50 Cent says he’s open to appearing on Glee, as long as he doesn’t play a rapper. First, I’m against this considering some of the homophobic crap that has 50 Centcome out of his mouth in the past, but if it does happen, how about Will starts rapping, he walks on the set, pulls the plug, and just says “No.”

This is an interesting question. Say you’re a gay dad, watching his sons practice youth football, and the coach tries to motivate the team by yelling “What are you, a bunch of pansies?” What do you do? And if you do take action, are you overreacting?

An Arizona judge is currently resisting granting Thomas Beatie’s divorce because he doesn’t think that Beatie is really a man, and therefore his marriage wasn’t legal to start with. Beatie counters he has legally changed his gender, and has the U.S. passport to prove it.

The U.S. Embassy in Prague is supporting the local gay Pride, and the U.S. hate groups are coming out in force to oppose the efforts.

Ron MossRonn Moss, who has played Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful has quit the show after 25 years after a change in licensing forced a pay cut. Moss is one of the original actors on the show, and it’s hard to imagine the soap without him, or the Speedo he occasionally appears in.

The Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in the Castro has long hosted the Harvest Ball fundraiser of The Castro Country Club, a queer recovery group. But this year, with the new anti-gay Archbishop, the group has been told that their fundraiser is welcome, but not if they have any drag queens.

Matthew Mitcham may not have won a medal in London, but he’s decided that he can’t retire, he loves the Olympics too much. With injuries, he’ll probably transition to the 3M Springboard for Rio. “But I have been in discussion with Chava my coach about the possibility of becoming solely a springboard diver … Matthew MitchamI’m not really going to take a holiday when I get home — I’m actually going to start working on the strength required to be a springboard diver straight away.“It’s going to take a long time to get my thighs as big as [China’s] He Chong’s.” He also talks about being a synchro partner for James Conner.

About 1,000 kilometers off the coast of New Zealand, huge chunks of volcanic pumice are floating in an area the size of Belgium, released by an underwater volcano. Lighter than the seawater, they bob on the surface, but don’t pose a danger to a modern ship.

A 67 year old man has won the annual AARP spelling bee with the word “rhizoctonia.” He won $1,000 and a five year membership to AARP.

Yet again, we have a vice presidential candidate in Rep. Paul Ryan who likes to shoot and kill animals. At least he doesn’t use a helicopter to hunt.

Before naming Rep. Paul Ryan to the ticket, the Romney campaign looked through “several years” of tax returns for all the short list candidates. The irony seems lost on them.

Tasmania isn’t the only Australian territory looking to enact marriage equality: South Australia is also planning a bill.

Eddie IzzardA new batch of secrets from WikiLeaks claims that the government has set up a surveillance network  on U.S. soil using connected private security cameras and facial recognition software. The program, called TrapWire, is being run by a private company named Arbaxas based in Northern Virginia.

Concerning Mockingbird Lane, Eddie Izzard says “It’s going to be probably as different from the original Batman, to Tim Burton’s Batman. We don’t have the action and the budget of that, but we do have quite an elegant, weird, twisted, dramatic, but dark and comedic pilot that we’ve just shot. We will see where that goes in the wide wide world of everything, but that’s where it is. And the Grandpa role is not quite the same as the original Grandpa role. He is just the patriarch.”

 Adam Lambert definitely isn’t turning down the glam for his turn on Pretty Little Liars

 But he is sporting a new tattoo

 Here we have Cheeks signing the belly button of a fan. Did I mention I’ve seen the first episode of the new season of Husbands the Series? Well I have, and it’s faaaabulous!

I understand Sean Hemeon is scared of what I’d ask him to sign if we ever meet

 Kenny Wormhold definitely stands out on the set of Kid Cannabis

 But with abs like these, he’d stand out pretty much anywhere

Except maybe the diving pool at the Olympics. I searched high and low of a great shot of David Boudia’s gold medal winning butt, but came up empty. So instead I bring you the “don’t let our Speedos touch” hug with teammate Nick McCrory.

Photo credit: Getty Images/Al Bello

I also found this picture from the Olympic trials of him and Nick McCrory (they’re doubles partners) together on the podium that does show off the shelf aspect of his booty.

Photo credit: Getty Images/Otto Greule

While our beloved Matthew Mitcham didn’t make the finals, that didn’t stop him from cheering on his favorite, Ivan Garcia.

First up, a little suggestive body paint

Then you add a little spin action

Then you do a little dance in the stands while getting some serious side eye

I decided the “McKayla Is Not Impressed” meme could be gayed up with Matthew Mitcham. He’s not impressed

 Hanging out at a different pool are Lance Bass, Joanna Garcia, Jamie Sigler, and Michael Turchin

Ricky Martin in his favorite environment, Puerto Rico

Stephen Amell of Arrow with Sal

Waking up with Wilson Cruz

Zachary Levi says he got the gold medal in looking like a sweaty Muppet


Mark Forsyth takes us on a journey though British and U.S. political language, and tells us how the President of the United States got that title, and frankly, it sounds like one of the silly arguments that Congress would waste millions on today.


I’ve yet to see Being Elmo, but I’m more excited about the Kickstarter for I AM BIG BIRD, about Carroll Spinney, the only man who has played Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird (talk about opposites) in the 42 year history of Sesame Street. The KickStarter is going for another two days, but is fully funded, so we’re guaranteed to see a history of the big yellow bird that taught us all to be nice to one another.


Conan O’Brien has been fascinated with the Slow-mo replays during the Olympics, and rented a high speed camera to produce his own effects. My favorite has to be the boxing glove in the beginning, but there’s something to be said for the light bulb.


Sparkle will end up being a tribute to Whitney Houston, who finished the film before she passed away. In a slightly disturbing featurette, we can hear her talking about the role and what it meant to her. As a side note, if this is a period film, aren’t some of those stage costumes a bit risque for the time? The short skirts, sure, but the dresses with the cut outs seem out of place to me.


Wreck It Ralph continues to fascinate me, since it’s a new take on some classic characters. Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer bring us a vault-themed commercial for the upcoming Disney film.


Finally, out cutie pie Tom Lenk is almost unrecognizable as Trudy, training for rhythmic gymnastics under the tutelage of her creepy nana. And it’s still understated compared to the family on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.


Finally, I’m going to be on vacation this week, heading up to Hershey, PA to ride some roller coasters and completely blow my diet. You’ll be getting some Crowdscourced Memes on some days, and snicks and Louis Virtel will be filling in on others. I’m taking the drastic step of not even packing my laptop, just my iPad and my iPhone so I can’t cheat and work.  I’ll be back in time for Weekend Meme, so play nice, and pretend to miss me while I’m gone.


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