Morning Meme: A New “Struck by Lightning” Clip, Josh Hutcherson’s New Surfer Drug Lord Movie, and Are You Ready for “The Smurfs 2?”

Jay Leno’s contract is up in 2014, and reports say that NBC is considering moving Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon to the earlier slot, and has put out feelers for a new “Fallon.” While I wish Jimmy all the success in the world, I love his goofy show and would hate to see the changes required for the earlier audience.

Are you ready for Modern Family themed nail polish with colors like ”What’s the Mitch-uation?” Because it’s happening, and we can’t do anything to stop it.

Forbes has released their annual 30 Under 30 list of the most powerful celebrities under 30. Several gay-interest folks made the list, like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Chris Colfer clocked in at #18.

The $60 billion Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill is being packed with so much pork it could solve the upcoming bacon crisis.

Senator David InouyeA who’s-who of media companies have sent a letter to the Romney campaign questioning what they feel are outrageous expenses the campaign charged to journalists who traveled with the candidate. Always trying to squeeze another buck, isn’t he?

Hawaii Senator David Inouye has passed away at the age of 88. Inouye was a champion of gay rights, the second-longest serving Senator, and the highest ranking Asian-American in history as the president pro-tempore of the Senate. Our thoughts are with his family, colleagues, and friends.

Josh Hutcherson has joined Paradise Lost, about a surfer who gets caught up in a Colombian drug lord’s scheme. It’s based on a true story, and begins filming in the spring.

Will the Planet of the Apes sequel be Franco-free? Even human-free?

Ricky Gervais is reportedly in talks to join the new Muppet movie in the lead human role. Ricky GervaisThe new movie is said to take place in Europe, and Ty Burrell has already been cast.

The Montana Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit demanding equal benefits for gay couples. The court did leave the door open to another lawsuit on narrower grounds.

Completely ignoring his coach’s plea that he drop the activism and focus on football, Chris Kluwe has been named to the Athlete Ally Ambassador program.

I know it’s goofy kids programming, but I’m insanely happy that SyFy will be running a Christmas day marathon of K-9, the Doctor Who spinoff.

In case you ever wondered, previously gay-for-pay porn star Cody Cummings has announced that he’s actually gay. He says he realized he was gay during a sex scene. He will now be straight-for-pay on his other porn sites. Is this what equality looks like?

Alex ReidAccording to British cage fighter Alex Reid, ”I… no… I don’t smoke but I have tried a cigarette.

 Experimentation is not orientation… I like women.That was a long long time ago when I was experimenting to find out what I was all about. Clearly I like women, I want to be with a woman.

”I’m obsessed with women. I’m brave enough to say that.”

Frank Ocean has big dreams. “I don’t intend to stop making music. But I do think it would be f*cking legendary if I just made channel ORANGE last year, then put out a best-selling novel next year, then, you know, designed an arena in Stockholm in 2014!”

Madonna had the biggest tour of 2012, raking in $228 million, easily topping Bruce Springsteen at $199 million.


 Adam Lambert titled these pics “Luv” which works, but I would have also accepted “Sexy” as correct

 Colton Haynes doesn’t hang out with ugly people

 When Gloria mops, her mop is leopard patterned. Jealous?


 In this new clip from Struck By Lightning, Chris Colfer demonstrates why it’s a good thing that Carson knows exactly what career he wants from life, because the career counselor they give kids to talk to is completely clueless.


I didn’t hate The Smurfs nearly as much as everyone else seemed to, but I’m still not sure that we needed a sequel to the film. In this one, Gargamel creates the Naughties, kind of an anti-Smurf, to help him capture his little enemies. This definitely needs more Neil Patrick Harris. But most things do.


The Houston Zoo took their cheetahs out for a run at Sam Houston Race Park so they could stretch their legs chasing a lure, and get rewarded with some food for stopping their run on schedule. The slower of the two cheetahs doesn’t seem to understand that he rates his own food bowl as a reward.


Doctor Who has released another short prequel to this year’s Christmas special, and in it we watch Madame Vastra open the entire library on Scotland Yard, which seems to leave the inspector completely speechless. I’m not sure what knocks him down more – the idea of aliens or the idea of lesbians. Do they count as lesbians if they’re different species? I think Jack Harkness would say yes.


I know some of you are going to scold me for laughing at this fat cat who can’t get out of the bathtub, and while I’d agree that his owners might want to ease up on the treats, he seems loved and not being tortured or anything, so you have to admit his Garfield-esque troubles are kind of hilarious.


GE has released a new commercial to tout their upcoming “intelligent machines” that has all the famous robots from television and film converging to meet the new generation, from Commander Data to Johnny Five, who I’m glad to see was never disassembled.


When you ask John Barrowman who his favorite Doctor Who monsters are, he really can’t narrow it down, but what’s truly fun is watching how excited he gets running down the list. He’s really, truly a fan of the show.




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