Morning Meme: Adam Lambert Asks “Wanna Touch My Snake?,” Chris Colfer Does His Best Snooki, and James Van Der Beek Has a Sex Tape!

I’m not going to talk about the concept that was unveiled for the fourth season of Glee, because technically it’s a spoiler for the rest of this season. But TV Guide has a good analysis aboutKurt and Rachel why it will and won’t work.

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are teaming up again now that Laurie has been freed from his shackles on House. They’re being incredibly secretive about the whole thing, but it’s sure to be comedy gold. I just hope it makes it to this side of the pond.

Do you know what true f*ck you money is? It’s when you’re George Lucas, and your rich snooty neighbors won’t let you use a giant ranch you own to build a state of the art movie studio, so you decide to build low income housing on it since they insist that it’s a residential neighborhood.

This incredibly NSFW ad campaign from MTV in Brazil for safe sex will give you nightmares.

There’s ongoing debate on whether President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality means anything if he’s truly endorsing a state’s rights strategy. This makes an excellent argument that he’s set up the dominoes perfectly for that to work out.

Meanwhile, he’s already using marriage equality in campaign speeches, like this one in New York at a fundraiser. “We have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody.  That doesn’t weaken families; that Channing Tatumstrengthens families.  (Applause.)  It’s the right thing to do.”

Maybe he can turn to Channing Tatum if things go really wrong, since Tatum is set to star in White House Down, about a paramilitary takeover of the White House.

It appears that the FBI is preparing to file hate crimes charges against George Zimmerman in the death of Treyvon Martin.

Dynasty Young, the teen who was expelled for carrying a stun gun to school to protect himself from bullies was allegedly attacked at the mall by a 34-year-old man.

Tennessee Gov.  Bill Haslam has signed a bill that would prohibit teachers from encouraging “gateway sexual activity” that stops short of intercourse as part of the state’s abstinence-only sex education. Critics say that it could even be used to prevent hand holding.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, House Speaker Frank McNulty has sent the civil unions bill to a “death committee” where the votes don’t exist to pass it in the special session Gov. Hickenlooper called to pass the bill. He then blamed the governor for calling an expensive special session to deal with the bill. “From our perspective, our side is focused on job creation and economic recovery. We ought not and we should not be spending time on divisive social issues when unemployment remains far too high and far too many Coloradans are out of work. . . .It’s unfortunate that this scenario has played out where it appears that Gov. HickenlooEwan McGregorper is out of touch with Coloradans.” I really wish that our representatives could get over politics long enough to actually govern.

Louis CK has famously said he has the hots for Ewan McGregor, and now that Ewan is completely aware of the crush, he hasn’t run into the hunk. “’Unless he starts killing and stuffing homeless people I’ll probably never run into him.'” Still, never say die when it comes to this romance: ’I would totally kiss him right on the lips, though. Totally.'”

In case you were wondering, Jake Shears’ favorite drugs are ’shrooms, in case it ever comes up.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Joanna Johnson has come out of the closet personally as a lesbian with a partner and two children, just as her character on the show is becoming known as a lesbian. She also gets asked why so few soap actors are out when so many of them are widely known to be gay (I can think of at least a dozen off the top of my head). “Daytime is a whole different world than primetime or theater or film. There’s a greater intimacy between the viewers and the characters. They think you are your character. And that creates a lot of fear. Fear of rejection.”

DougFacebook’s Chris Hughes has pledged $100,000 in matching donations for the Maine same-sex marriage campaign.

A Florida high school teacher faces firing over placing a “cone of shame” on students to punish them in class. She was inspired by the cone of shame worn by Doug in Up, which she showed to her class this spring. This begs all sorts of questions, like why she was showing Pixar movies instead of teaching. Or what the hell was she thinking? Plus, I have to wonder why the student was drinking soda in class, because we didn’t carry around soft drinks when I was in high school.


 Chris Colfer and Adam Lambert both appeared on VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live on Monday, causing most of the gay universe to implode. Here they are with the host.

Adam’s hair gives him a height advantage

 And here’s the greatest hug in the world

 This sign showed up at an equality rally in Brisbane

 Vogue and Annie Leibovitz put together a set of stunning photos for the Olympics, including this one with the Bryan Bothers

 At the Fox upfronts, worlds collided with So You Think You Can Dance, Fringe, and New Girl

Teen Wolf’s Colton Haynes poses with Sophia Grace and Rosie

HBO gave Chris Crocker’s documentary Me @ the Zoo a New York City premiere over the weekend in advance of the June premiere. 

Chris, the directors, and John Cameron Mitchell

 Chord Overstreet seems to be having a disagreement with Harry Shum, Jr.

 Just like the last page, we’re going to start with Adam Lambert on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. Adam talks about the new album, his shoes, Bruno Mars, marriage equality, and performing with Queen.


The next segment brought us Chris Colfer, and it had a hilarious clip from Glee that left me more than a little stunned. They talked about his new book, the future, guest stars, but she couldn’t get him to spill the beans about who Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson would be playing next season.


Canal+ is getting ready for a run of The Black Swan, and came up with a rather hilarious promotion for the movie. I do think they cut away from the dog a little too soon, because I was curious where this was going.


On Don’t Trust the B____ In Apt. 23, we find out that James Van Der Beek has a sex tape, and it’s about to get out. I’m just going to be honest, if there really was a Beek sex tape available, I’d be screaming “Shut up and take my money!”


Fox unveiled their new shows, and I have to admit I was completely underwhelmed by the previews. One possible bright spot is The Goodwin Games, in which a rich old coot played by Jeff Daniels puts his underwhelming kids through a series of games from their childhood to win the inheritance of his hidden fortune. It’s a shame this is being held as a midseason replacement.


On The View they discussed the Newweek cover, and commentary on gay marriage by Megan McCain and Bristol Palin, leading to possibly the best line that Barbara Walters has ever uttered, and you can barely hear it. Again, I’m torn on Elisabeth, who is vocal in her support of marriage equality, but she only supports anti-gay asshat politicians, so it always sounds so incredibly hollow to me.


On this week’s Ask the SEXpert on NewNowNext, Conner Habib tackles the question of whether you should open up your relationship. He makes several great points, most notably that honesty and rules are everything, and that no agreement is permanent, and relationships can move in and out of monogamy at different times, which I think is terribly realistic. Plus, he has a cute friend at the end.

Zach Wahls is back talking about equality, and how his two moms show just how wonderful same sex couples can be, and how wonderful they can be as parents, even if just listening to Zach provides perfect proof of that.


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