Morning Meme: “American Idol”‘s No Homo Moment, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Remaking “Little Shop of Horrors,” and Justin Bieber Helps Ryan Seacrest Go Viral

First of all, Happy Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you!

Benedict Cumberbatch is “startlingly aware” of the slashfic of him and Martin Freeman. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman“It’s cool… I suppose my bodily proportions are quite flattering. I’m ripped, doing something I wouldn’t normally do with my body, or having done to it, involving Watson. So that’s as far as I’ll hit about that one, but it’s all there on the web if you want to find it.”

Over at NewNowNext, Sexpert Conner Habib is back with a new question. It’s way too far for us to run here, but as he notes (with a great sight gag), there are differences in how gay guys and girls and straight guys view certain aspects of sex.

Evidently the upcoming wedding for Northstar is dramatically boosting presales of Astonishing X-Men.

Lance Bass and his hunky boyfriend Michael Turchin are celebrating Lance’s birthday in St. Martin by going jet skiing. Lance certainly has a type, doesn’t he?

Facebook is set to go public this month, and the middle price for the share issue put the company valued at somewhere around $78 billion, but could be as high as $100 billion. Still compared to Apple, currently sitting at $554 billion market Sharlto Copleycap, it seems almost small.

Sharlto Copley is in talks to play King Stefan opposite Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. Oddly, I haven’t jumped on the fairy tale bandwagon that’s been going lately, but I’m excited to see this – I love a good villain.

As the article says, Joseph Gordon-Levitt remaking Little Shop of Horrors and starring as Seymour is intriguing, but is this something that really needs to be remade? But we do know he can sing, so there’s that taken care of.

I haven’t watched American Idol since I covered it for this site in the year of Adam Lambert, but did Joshua Ledet have a “no homo” moment this week? E! and Queerty think so, and the video certainly looks that way.

The governing boards of the Gay Games and the Out Games are meeting to discuss combining the events in 2018. Due to costs, many athletes have to choose which to compete in.

I’ve only heard “We Are Young” twice I think, and one of those might have been a parody, but the boys of fun seem to be big with the young folks these days. The members of the band are all straight, but tell the Washington Post that they want to take their fame and start a marriage equality charity. “We’re firm believers in the idea that if you’re not talking about it, you’re part of the problem. “We realize we have an audience, and it would be a real shame to waste it.”Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is booking a lot of gigs lately. First he booked the Iraq war picture Mission: Blacklist about the hunt for Saddam Hussein, and now he’s booked The Rover, about a gang of Australian car thieves.

Tennessee, this may be the worst thing that’s happened in your state this year, and someone needs to shut it down before this kid’s life is ruined. Seriously, tearing pages out of the yearbook and trying to deny him graduation, not to mention the witch hunt on the teacher that’s likely the one bright spot in this kid’s life?

Not a lot of changes on the gay side of the pilots for the new season, with the big players like The New Normal and Partners still considered strong candidates.

Kellan LutzKellan Lutz is set to star in Tarzan, but before you get hot and bothered at the thought of two hours of Lutz in a loin cloth, it’s fully CGI using motion capture, which just seems like a cruel tease.

Starz has greenlit a prequel series to Treasure Island, produced by Michael Bay. I don’t know how he’s going to blow up enough stuff with just cannons.The article notes that there are four Treasure Island pieces in the work, and that’s not even counting SyFy’s Eddie Izzard starrer.

One Million Moms (current membership: 40,000, but it’s good to have goals) is upset with JCPenney again, and want their angry moms to harass store managers about the lesbian moms in the Mother’s Day circular. Because their last JCPenney protest went so well. And having worked in retail management for many, many years, I can assure you, the store managers do not care at all your opinion of corporate advertising.

I have to admit, I wasn’t big on Vulture’s idea of inserting other Avengers into Broadway, but their idea for Captain America is brilliant.

Rufus Wainwright got either the worst or best response upon telling Bea Arthur that the Golden Girls had gotten him through some tough times, and she seemed atRufus Wainwright times like his own grandmother.

Perez Hilton has been slapped with a $500,000 lawsuit over a story claiming that Robert Procorp, the man who designed Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring had been sued successfully for fraud after another customer discovered a necklace he purchased only comtained 17.623 carats of diamonds and not 25.5 carats of diamonds. Hilton appears to have picked up the story from RadarOnline, who took down their piece when notified it was factually wrong, but Perez didn’t retract the piece.

 When you’re Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, it’s just a normal day when Oprah stops by, and you make her pizza. I wonder if you have to grow the pizza toppings yourself for Oprah?

Just a normal day in the life for the power gays

 Lest you think it was DiGiorno, I remind you of this image from David Burtka from last September. The Burtka-Harris clan takes their pizza very, very seriously.

Don’t we all have outdoor pizza ovens for entertaining Oprah?

 Misha Collins actually put out two incredible tweets today, but this one explained more

 People are going nuts for this still of The Lizard in a labcoat, but I don’t know enough history to understand why they were worried that he wouldn’t appear in a labcoat.

I wonder if he gets them the same place Dr. Doofensmirtz gets his?

 Yes, even to me this is precious

 Hold on to that image, because here’s Billy Graham’s anti-gay ad

 From this image, I imagine the next thing out of Joel McHale’s mouth is a very sultry “How you doing?”

Her eyes are a little higher, Joel


 There’s a brand new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, and as another website said, it’s filled with web bukkake (this is the only instance I think I can use that word here), Lizard fights, daddy issues, and some seriously cool webslinger action flying through the city.


Tom Hiddleston is starting to think he’s a Norse God in real life, including his own version of Punk’d, called Loki’d. Somehow I don’t think MTV is going to pick it up to series.


The Expendables 2 has a new trailer with a lot of fading action stars shooting at things and blowing stuff up. I do have to admit that adding Liam Hemsworth to the mix for eye candy was a good move, and almost offsets the bad taste of seeing right wing nutjob Chuck Norris in the trailer. Almost.

 In this slightly NSFW, and certainly not safe for lunch ad for a radio station, they’re trying to make the point that modern can be better than classics, and they do it in a fairly original, gross way.


The National Organization for Marriage is currently running this clip of Dan Savage talking about the Pope. Really, it doesn’t do a lot to dispel the idea that they’re just a front for the Catholic Church. Obviously, because Dan’s talking at a college, the language is NSFW.


I have to admit, I like the tone of this Barack Obama ad. I like that they’re going to directly calling BS on the other side’s attack ads. This could get very interesting by election day.


While admittedly, this clip for a “gaydar” app trafficks in some stereotypes I could always use less of, I do like that they turned some of them on their head.


Jon Stewart is on a gay roll this week, first going after Santorum, and now taking on Bryan Fischer about getting Romney’s gay spokesman to resign. Jon is on our side in a very big way, and I’m glad to see him fighting strong.


In “Land of Dreams,” the first global U.S. tourism campaign, we get treated to an original Rosanne Cash song, and we get a cute same-sex couple at about 1:15 in the video. It’s nice to be included for two seconds.


Who knew cats were so deep, or is it just French cats?


In Harmless, Christians are warned that pornography is an evil presence in the home. It’s supposedly a trailer for a full Christian horror movie, but I kept laughing, but I am a heathen.


I do love Phineas & Ferb, and in this week’s episode, the boys decide to make something for Candice, who is always trying to bust them, but can never get their mom to look in time. So she schemes to get the boys to help her bust them, and like good brothers, they’re more than happy to help.

In an effort to celebrate his chennel topping 100 million views on YouTube, Ryan Seacrest enlists the help of the original viral sensation, Justin Bieber, to create the ultimate viral clip. I appreciate that they went for puppies instead of the classic kittens. Bold choice.


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