Morning Meme: Barrowman Writes for Kids, Mike Manning Likes “Twilight,” and a “NYT” Correction Regarding Adam Lambert

Plus we look at optical illusions at the World Cup, see the Stanley Cup at Chicago Pride, and visit the set of Modern Family.

Vulture looks at the burning question of whether characters in movies and TV shows endowed with large endowments
find it a gift or a curse. From Mini-Me
to The Hard Times of RJ Berger, it’s
a mixed pair of briefs.

Reed Cowan, the
man behind the brilliant 8: The Mormon Proposition tries
to make a case that we should cancel gay pride
until we achieve marriage equality. As much respect as I have for his film,
this is just a horrible idea. Visibility matters, and the parades are
empowering, especially to youth.  His
idea that we should abandon the parades and the floats and knock on doors is
impractical – it’s not the same project. And he presumes that marriage equality
is the end all of equal rights.

Katy Perry, who
believes her piousness strong enough to call Lady Gaga’s imagery “blasphemous,” posed topless for Esquire.

A straight girl from Australia and a gay man from Ireland
are trekking across America, following a path dictated by their ability to find
lodging and attractions only through social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
Follow their adventure.

These words are not

The lawyers for the National Pork Board have admitted they know unicorns don’t exist. I can only
imagine what they billed the NPB for this whole farce with

The Today Show
says Welcome To The Era Of The Buffed Actor. They present
persuasive evidence for their case, but I’m going to require further study.
Does anyone have a grant they can bestow?

North Korea has demanded
$75 trillion in compensation
from the United States for six decades of
hostility. In case they don’t read the news, we’re broke.

John and Carole Barrowman have announced the first of what is hopefully a series of science fiction
aimed at 9-12 year-olds. The books will follow a 13-year-old twin brother
and sister, and eventually there will be a Torchwood
crossover novel.

President Obama issued a statement about yesterday’s National HIV Testing Day. He
calls for everyone to get tested and know their status, and also announces a
comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy in “the coming days.”

The list of invitations to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and
has been released, and while I’m sure I’m missing several out people in
the behind-the-scenes lists, the only one I spotted was director Adam Shankman. I’m sure you’ll tell me
who I missed.

A red panda is also known as a “firefox,” which is something I
curse several times each day while writing here. But in reality, they’re
adorable, and even more adorable when it’s a 10-day-old baby red panda at
the National Zoo. Awww!

Heterosexuals: You’re doing it wrong. A new study says that you think a perfect sexual encounter
lasts between 3 and 13 minutes. Anything less you’re not satisfied, anything
more, and you’re bored. I repeat: You. Are. Doing. It. Wrong.

In New Zealand, bro’Town
television creator and radio host David
e is apologizing for racist and homophobic remarks he made, saying “Hitler had a
right” and HIV sufferers deserve to be “roasted” and “Jews were expendable.” He
has apologized, saying “I really am so very sorry for any offence I’ve caused
you.  They were dumb words, said by a
dumb man.” Shockingly, New Zealand Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman says “It was just
somebody getting carried away with the situation and saying silly things.” Can
you imagine the news cycle if this happened in America? h/t Eric H.

Spend a New York minute with Nic Roldan, hunky captain of Prince Harry’s polo team.

The Pope joined other Vatican officials in condemning
the Belgian police for searching church properties
and detaining church
officials in conjunction with an investigation of alleged sex abuse priests.
That’s what he’s upset about … the search?

While we’re discussing the Vatican, Mena Suvari (who’s divorced) got married in a church in Vatican City. So the
Vatican doesn’t mind marrying divorced people in the Vatican City churches now?

Meg Whitman is running for California governor, but she can NO HAZ A CHEEZBURGER.

Waymon Hudson, blogger extraordinaire for both the Bilerico Project and for Pam’s House Blend has left the tropical paradise of Wilton Manors, FL for Chicago. But that means he was there to see the Stanley Cup in Chicago Pride, and was kind enough to post to his Twitter.

Chicago Gay Hockey Club and Brent Sopel and family.

The Real World: DC’s Mike Manning has been quite the gadfly since hitting Los Angeles. He may not have gotten an invite from MTV for the MTV Movie Awards, but he did get one for Twilight: Eclipse.

He also liked the movie. Major loss of cool points, Mike.

For our British readers we have a series of optical illusions. At least that last picture was an illusion according to the referee.

It’s O.K. guys, we started together, now we finished together.

The New York Times issued a correction to a music review they did of Adam Lambert’s performance last week; "A music review on Thursday about a concert at the Nokia Theater on
Tuesday night by the singer Adam Lambert referred incorrectly to kissing
between Mr. Lambert and his bass player, Tommy Joe Ratliff. During the
song ’Fever,’ they licked each other’s lips; Mr. Ratliff did not merely
give Mr. Lambert a quick peck on the shoulder. (He did that later in the
show.)" We present this video as evidence.

Bryan Safi, the gayest man in the world, finished up his That’s Gay web bonus series. This time he looks at how much classier gay sex workers are than the straight sex workers that pop up in scandals for people like Tiger Woods or Elliott Spitzer.

Ever wonder what a day on the set of ABC’s Modern Family looks like? Take a look in only 60 seconds.

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