Morning Meme: Betty White Goes ‘Inside the Actors Studio,” Is “True Blood” Still Too Gay, and Joe McElderry’s Lad Mag

Plus Jane Lynch does iCarly, Lucas Grabeel is the Dancing Ninja, and Kylie is set to conquer North America.

So Kylie Minogue
is going to try to conquer the United States again, with a 2011 North American tour. She’s tried before and
never managed to catch the interest of Americans. When I traveled to Australia
in the late 90s, Aussies didn’t understand this, since she’s almost a religion
there &#8212 and most of the world.

Blondie is very
much a New York City band, and as AE reader Eric Hegedus discovered when he talked to the band, they remember each New York neighborhood when it was still
edgy and cool. Well, except Williamsburg. I’m pretty sure nobody but hipsters
ever thought Williamsburg was cool.

And as the headline of the article states, This week in manufactured True
we’re still discussing whether True Blood sucked us in with heterosexuality and then sprang all the
homo stuff on us. Because we never saw Lafayette
or Godric or any other gay
characters before Talbott and Eric got it on.

Evidently sensitive to issues of racebending after The Last Airbender, Paramount has updated the casting call for the role of Nico in their Runaways movie to specify an Asian-American actress.

We’re all going to spend the next month listening to people argue about how many people showed up for Glenn Beck’s rally on the steps of
Lincoln Memorial. Beck says 500k, while NBC news claims that the Park Service, which doesn’t
officially do estimates any more, nonetheless estimates 300k. Meanwhile, CBS News actually commissioned a
company to do an aerial survey who says it was only 87k people. Can well all
just agree that those who attended are scared, poorly informed old white people?

Betty White
continues to dominate the media conversation. She’s been booked on Inside
the Actors Studio
with James
, so we’ll soon get to hear what her favorite curse word is.

The controversy of the “liberal” dad over at Salon trying to be supportive of his
son wanting to dress as Snow White for Halloween while simultaneously
discouraging him in the name of protecting the child continues to draw ink. But
Brett Berk, who normally reviews
cars for Vanity Fair gets
to the heart of the matter better than most

If you ask Scotland Yard, as opposed to the British tabloid
press, the MI6 employee found dead in a bag in his bath tub wasn’t
gay, wasn’t a cross dresser, didn’t have S&M equipment in his apartment,
and is much less interesting to write about than the British press can

If you believe Scott
, a producer on 450 episodes of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, David
(Billy, nerdy Blue Ranger) was a “pain in the ass” and left over money, not
homophobia on set
. Because you always believe the people accused of
homophobia when they try and play smear the queer.

Christopher Sieber
is going to pick up the role of Edna Turnblad in Hairspray September 22-October 24 at
the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey.

Before Bill O’Reilly
was telling America their morals were inferior, and even before releasing a
stream of profanity on the set of a tabloid news program, he was reviewing adult films such as The Devil in Miss Jones for print publications

Even if Desperate
is nearly unwatchable these days, and usually doesn’t make decent
use of their myriad of gay characters, one thing they
do very well is cast older actresses
to play the mothers of their
mainstay characters. Next up is Lois
to play Tom Scavo’s mom.
You most recently remember her as Sookie and Jason’s Gran on True Blood.

To aggravate snicks, here’s the Ultimate Collection of Shirtless Rafa Pictures.

Word on the street is that it takes Paul Brittain, Taran Killam,
and Vanessa Bayer to replace Will
Forte on Saturday
Night Live
. But the dudes are both hot, so I’ll go with it.

I really can’t imagine anything more awkward than Margaret
on Dancing With the Stars

If you recall, the Catholic League, and the incredibly
anti-gay Bill Donohue were angry the Empire State building declined to light up
blue and white in honor of Mother Theresa’s 100th birthday. That
date came on August 26th, and the Catholic League lead a protest march against the building,
which was instead lit up to celebrate the 90th anniversary of women’s
suffrage. Because you know Bill Donohue is against uppity women wanting a voice
in democracy.

Here are the details on The Green,
which hunk-a-dunk Cheyenne Jackson
has been shooting in Connecticut.

And just for fun, what if John K, the artist behind Ren
& Stimpy
, drew a version of Justin

Look at the pair of Kevin Alejandro and Joe Manganiello at an Emmy pre-party this weekend. Does it not give you the vapors?

I’ll take a slab of Joe with a side of Kevin.

Matthew Mitcham
makes eating raw fish adorably cute. He says he like 2/3 of what he ordered. Technically, isn’t he part fish anyhow?

I never get tired of pictures of Matthew – his smile is sunchine and puppies.

It’s funny, right?

We don’t feature the adorable Kevin McHale a lot. He’s not in the spotlight as much as some of the other Glee kids, but hopefully that changes this season. For now, he wants us to meet Stanley Frog, who has his own Twitter account and will be going on some world travels.

As long as he doesn’t start singing "Ragtime Gal"

I’m just going to guess, as an American who’s nearly 40-years-old, that Sugar Lad Mag is for teenage girls, and that everyone keeps their clothes on inside the pages. The fact that they’re featuring newly out Joe McElderry on the cover means they went to print a while back, orthat gay heart throbs are marketable in the UK. 

He’s getting a sexy new makeover from his X-Factor days.

Hottie Travis Wall cut all his hair off, and now I’m sad.

I’m unashamed to admit I watch iCarly on Nickelodeon – it’s clever, well written television. And while none of Nick’s tween comedies have ever had a gay teen character, we are starting to see some movement on the actor side of the equation, at least for guest stars.

This past week their show Victorious featured a guest turn by Perez Hilton that wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared, and coming up on September 11, out actress Jane Lynch is guesting on iCarly as Sam’s often mentioned but never seen mother.

I’d never thought much about who would play Sam’s criminal mother because I never thought she’d appear onscreen. But I can’t imagine anyone but Jane in the role now. If you don’t watch iCarly, trust me when I say that Jennette McCurdy, who plays Sam, has such amazing comic timing that she will eventually be the biggest star Nick has ever produced. And she’ll match up perfectly with Jane.

Roger Ebert has spent the weekend writing a great deal about gay equality and marraige equality. He wrote this moving piece about his first brush with same-sex marriage as a child that nearly brought me to tears. And then he went on a quest for the mysteriously missing footage of Senator Inhofe standing on the Senate floor stating that his ginormous family has never had a divorce or a gay member.

I’m not sure the reason he looked for the speech, which he says C-Span has no record of, but I have a feeling the reasons will come clear shortly.

Tonight on RuPaul’s Drag U, visiting professor Debi Mazar joins the panel helping moms on the edge of a nervous breakdown find their inner divas.

I know that Lucas Grabeel has gone on record with his teen fans that there is a difference between Lucas Grabeel-the-actor and the characters he plays. We discussed as much after his turn as the coded-gay brother in the High School Musical series and when he costarred in Milk. And he’s right – he puts on a role when he goes to work. But after his turn opposite a comedically evil David Hasselhoff in Dancing Ninja, he may need to release another essay for his fans.


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