Morning Meme: Betty White Loves Her Gay Fans, “South Park” Does the Royal Wedding, and Who’s In Bed With Chris Colfer?

David Mixner interviews the sexy Gavin
on how being in Hair spurred his activism, amongst other things. Like
many activists, Creel never planned on it, it just happened.

Gavin Creel

Colin Hanks has
been cast as the baby faced baddie for the new season of Dexter.
I always find innocent, young psychopaths all the more chilling.

Betty White thinks the gays love her because we love old ladies. Betty,
it’s not just any old ladies, they have to earn it. And yes, it’s true, “And
when we were on live with Golden Girls on Saturday night
they’d shut down the music, stop the dancing, watch the show, then turn the
music and the dancing back on.” And we danced a little lighter because of it.

Michigan has taken being anti-gay to whole new levels, and
is in process of passing a bill that would strip universities who provide
domestic partner benefits of 5% of their funding. 
You know, because Michigan has issues with 100% employment.

The Book of MormonArnold Schwarzenegger
and Maria Shriver have split. Considering the timing, one can guess that it
might have been planned for some time before he left office, but we’ll likely
never know.

NPR is streaming the original cast recording from The
Book of Mormon
. I don’t recommend it for most offices, but I do
recommend it.

Pro tip for Brits on The X Factor: USA: Singing Take That not likely to impress American contestants, no matter how
ridiculously hot you are.

Is pink
money going to power
President Obama
to a second term? And if so, what exactly are we buying, besides

In a bit of meta commentary, Matthew Morrison will sing a song written by Kris Allen that appears on his solo album on the season finale ofKris Allen and Matthew Morrison Glee.
I’m not sure Fox could self promote any more there without straining

The Navy has released guidance allowing gay marriages to be performed in base chapels in
jurisdictions where they are legal. It also includes language allowing military
clergy to defer performing ceremonies that conflict with their religious

We still don’t know Sal’s fate on Mad Men, but Bryan Batt is set to guest star on Law & Order: Criminal Intent
as a premiere wine sommelier known as “The Nose.”

Fox has renewed Family Guy and The Cleveland Show,
dooming me to watching more gay joke projectile vomiting as part of my duties
for this website. At least I’ve still got American Dad, which had a great gay
episode this week.

Alicia SilverstoneAlicia Silverstone,
in a move fitting for her iconic role in Clueless, names her newborn son Bear

The House Defense committee is set to vote on a series of anti-gay amendments aimed at derailing
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal. So about those jobs you guys were going to focus

Paul Thomas Anderson’s next
film, once known as The Master, has powerful backing in Harvey Weinstein, which it’s going to need if it truly intends to
take on Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

YouTube is now renting movies, and they’ve started with some
seriously big name titles.

Guns ‘n’ Roses
drummer Steven Adler says he keeps
his pants on now that he’s seen Steven
junk, which once had five women’s hands on it and still room for
more. Steven TylerThere’s video of him describing it that’s worth a watch.

The American Family
is encouraging their members to write letters to the sponsors
of Glee, asking them not to support the gay friendly show. In
possibly the most revealing statement ever, these hate mongers say “Tolerance
is one thing, but acceptance or affirmation is another.” Hey, AFA: I don’t want
your tolerance, but I demand your respect, and your faith demands better of you.


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So this is Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL), the youngest member of Congress. He’s mostly a party-line Republican, and doesn’t stand out much unless he sheds his shirt, which he seems to do on a regular basis. Granted, if his shirt is the pink gingham number from last year, he might be better off. He supports a healthy lifestyle for the country, which does put him at odds with many Republicans like Sarah Palin, who oppose the government having an opinion on how healthy children’s government provided school lunches are.

No matter how good his abs are, he still hates us. So just objectify him.

Oh, Paula, this is one parody I can support.

Via copyranter. He calls it “dick-vertising”

So on the set of Glee, there was time for a nap recently, and Chris Colfer and Chord Overstreet look just adorable catching some zzz’s

Chris looks even more innocent asleep than he does awake.

I guess the bed was really big, and really comfy looking though…

For everyone who thinks I can’t top the cute in that picture, I give you a baby red panda battle.

Because it was labeled as auditions for a black cat in Hollywood in 1961, I know what this image is. But I also know that it could easily be my own personal hell.

The number of leashes amazes me.

I know who I want to be friends with.

While the focus of this Glee song is Artie trying to win back my beloved Brittany, Kurt gets in some major eye-acting in the background.


In The Future, a couple gets so worked up about their lives changing when they plan to bring home an adopted cat they manage to ruin their lives. Perhaps they should have started with a gold fish.


South Park will take on the royal wedding this week. I’m not sure Canada will survive.

Note: Sorry, Candians! This appears to be geoblocked – limited to U.S. viewing.


I am not sure what The Narrative of Victor Karlach is supposed to be, but Neil Patrick Harris thinks that it’s cool, and it has puppets by WETA, which makes it cool by default. 


Coffee Time is an incredible stop-motion piece, but I am certainly glad that I don’t have to go through this in the morrning to get my fix.


In the latest Ask the Expert, we hear about the cons to opening a joint bank account. And it’s not just about whether you and your partner make equal money – there are tax implications thanks to DOMA.


I still want everyone to watch Judas Kiss when it hits your local festival. In honor of the Boston stop, they’ve put out a clip of brooding Richard Harmon expressing his fondness for Sean Paul Lockhart, aka Brent Corrigan. Shockingly, he’s attracted to Lockhart’s character for reasons other than physical – he loves his knowledge of lenses. For what it’s worth, Lockhart was a load of fun to watch in this film.





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