Morning Meme: Billy Campbell Forgets His Pants, Ricky Martin Wants “Más” and Dustin Zito Comes Clean

Now that Simon Cowell
has picked his favorites to be judges on The X-Factor: USA, we turn our
speculation to who will host the show. RightCorbin Bleu now is seems that Pussycat Doll Nichole Scherzinger will
cohost with High School Musical alum Corbin
. In a recurring segment, they’ll compete for a limited budget for hair
products backstage.

All Out has a petition condemning the Malaysian government’s use of
education camps to change boys they see as effeminate.

You know how you feel about watching Glenn Beck’s show? That’s how he feels about Glee. “This show stands out and
stands against almost every value that I have. I’ve watched it in stunned
horror combined with a sense of admiring awe. It is a brilliant, brilliant
show. Very well done. But it is a horror show.””

The new
for the Washington Blade is live. I like the new
look, but if I still lived in D.C., I think I’d still pick up the print copy
for nostalgia reasons. It would remind me of when I was a scared, naïve little ‘mo.

This was the week on The Real World that Dustin Zito’s gay-for-pay past came out
on the show. Reality Dustin ZitoBlurred talks to Zito about his fear of a gay roommate, and also with FratPad
about why Dustin’s sex scenes were removed from the site. Meanwhile, this
episode was the highest rated Real World
in three years.

ABC News covered the Lisa
child kidnapping case and the ties that may exist to Jerry
Falwell’s Liberty University in a fairly damning piece.

It seems you can get out of jury duty for just about
anything these days, like being gay, or just having a ticket to one of the final tapings of Oprah.

Sometimes, it really is an extra hand, and not Photoshop. talks to Seth
about shooting Private Romeo with Matt Doyle while both of them wereSeth Numrich also
auditioning for War Horse. They are, admittedly, very different roles.

Summit Entertainment, about to run out of gas on their Twilight
cash cow just snapped up the rights to Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game with aims to make a new
series. Part of me really wants to see the books turned into movies, but only
if it were possible to do so without disgustingly homophobic Card benefitting
in any way, and that’s impossible.

Due to filming delays, Spartacus had to recast Naevia. Flash Forward’s Cynthia Addai-Robinson will be sharing Crixus
bed when the new season rolls around.

Considering the New York Times hated the first
production of Larry Kramer’s The
Normal Heart
, they couldn’t heap praise high enough fSupermanor the revival.

In a new comic, Superman
renounces his American citizenship after a disagreement
with the government. Liberals and nerds are hailing the move, saying the alien
hero belongs to the world, while the right wing is up in arms over the
betrayal. I’d like to see them try and deport him.

Cynthia Tucker at
the Atlanta
Journal Constitution
has some harsh words for Bishop Eddie Long, who is reportedly close to settling the lawsuits
brought against him by the young male members of his flock. The title, Eddie Long: homophobe, narcissist, con artist, is the least
of what she has to say.

Mark Pedowitz has officially been named head of The CW. This could be a
good thing, since while he was with ABC, Pedowitz was the forceMatt Dallas Kyle XY behind Desperate
, Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, Kyle XY, and Legend
of the Seeker

Armadillos can transmit leprosy to humans. Yet another reason to avoid

Richard Grieco is the man behind Gigolos. When asked why gay men
weren’t part of the client base, he says “Women are making as much money as
guys and want something easy-breezy, nice and easy, and no strings attached. It
was a show I thought needed to be done.” Also, even on Showtime, he can show
peen, but only limp peen.

Why does Yahoo!, a tech company in the heart of liberal
Silicon Valley, let Maggie Gallagher
write anti-gay editorials?

Lance BassLance Bass is
evidently developing
a new Sirius-XM radio show

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Atlanta Braves coach Roger McDowell is guilty of those
anti-gay comments and violent imagery he was accused of, because he’s come out and apologized, “I am deeply sorry
that I responded to the heckling fans in San Francisco on Saturday. I apologize
to everyone for my actions.” GLAAD has reached out to the Braves, who have said they are conducting
an investigation. 


Reader giovannif7 tips us to hunky Billy Campbell, who is vacationing in the Carribean. He’s been teasing a naked shower picture for days, but so far has only coughed up this shot of him enjoying his morning coffee.

And he’s not even naked!

The birth certificate doesn’t prove anything, as the Huffington Post shows.

Chord Overstreet – tight jeans, or jeggings?

Best. Crime. Yet.

Jonah Hill seems to have slimmed down. The gun is a prop for 21 Jump Street.

The new fashion in beards is evidently the “monkey tail beard.” I’m sure the Brooklyn hipsters are involved somehow. I know I love monkeys, but this is taking it too far.

I could never find time to shave like this.

New posters for Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides feature mermaids, but not mermen.


It was kind of a shock when the king of the indie movie, Mark Ruffalo, decided to play The Hulk in Joss Whedon’s Avengers. But he says that the script is the Bruce Banner he’d love to play, which is fine – but what kind of Hulk would he want to play?

Peoria Carp Hunters. I have no idea if this is a parody of reality shows, or a comedy series parody, or a real show. Reality television has gotten so ridiculous with their premises that anything is possible.


Terra Nova is shaping up to be an almost grossly expensive television series. The conceit being we screw up the world, but we can manage limited time travel and send people to the early days of earth to survive. I’m going to guess that it’s gay-free, because why send homosexuals if you need to repopulate the species? This is the longest look we’ve gotten at the perpetually delayed series.


MTV has compiled a list of all the cheesy reality show elimination lines, and they start with RuPual’s classic.


We have the first full trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It’s probably not a good idea to lie to giant, morphing, space faring robots who are infinitely beyond your level of technology.


We were sent this clip from reader Rob of a seriously brave soul hand feeding a swarm of sharks. I’m all for adrenaline rushes, but even I have limits. Don’t try this at home kids.


I’m sure that all the pop culture oxygen is going to be sucked up by the royal wedding today, but late yesterday evening Ricky Martin released the video for his song “Más.” The crowd at the concert seems to be having the time of their lives, and his coming out doesn’t seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of the women in the crowd. I just don’t understand why he mebedded dancers in the crowd for shots, because the crowd seems into the show without any help on the wide shots.


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