Morning Meme: Cheyenne Jackson Sang a Duet With Jonathan Groff, Anderson Cooper’s Gaydar is Flaky, and Approve Marriage Equality Or We’ll Marry Your Girlfriends

The big day for WilSon is almost here, so of course snicks will be conducting a liveblog of all the hot steamy action on Days of Our Lives today and tomorrow. You don’t want to miss this!

Have you ever wondered if success has changed Peter Jackson over the years since Sir Ian and Sir PeterThe Lord of the Rings? According to Sir Ian McKellen, not at all. He still enjoys his hometown, where the locals marvel at his antiques, his studio, his church, and where he keeps his private jet. And he still walks about much like a hobbit, without shoes.

Vulture spoke to a bespoke tailor about how it was possible for James Bond to always have an impeccable suit, yet have the freedom to fight and leap from trains with complete freedom of movement. It turns out it’s all possible with the right tailor.

I’m not entirely sure why it makes me so happy that Shirley Jones is moving into the cul-de-sac on Cougar Town, and that she’s forcing herself into the wine gang.

The National Organization for Marriage is pretty sad about losing all those marriage races. And they seem to understand it’s only going to get worse. “The president is against those who are pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-religious freedom. He may get the chance to Jennifer Lawrencechange the makeup of the Supreme Court. We’re facing a serious generational problem.”

Jennifer Lawrence is a lot like Emma Stone in the fact that she’s just so relatable. When she was asked to gain weight for Silver Linings Playbook opposite Bradley Cooper, “I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ noting, ’That never happens in a movie.'”

We’ve all learned in history class that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had polio, which kept him in a wheelchair for much of his presidency. There was a decent case, the symptoms mostly fit, he’d visited a Boy Scout camp prior to his accident that could have been a point of infection. But scientists looking back with modern medicine feel it’s more likely that he had Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Both are caused by a virus, but Guillain-Barre typicall affects the legs bilaterally, where polio tends to affect one side. This is likely the most famous misdiagnosis in history.

If you’ve spent any time on Tumblr recently, you know that Sexy Nate Silver has become a thing. Tag lines once reserved for Ryan Gosling are being adapted for geek chic, and I couldn’t be happier.Nate Silver

While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may be eyeing the exit door next year, while she’s still the HBIC, she’s continuing to use her office to advance the rights of LGBT people around the world. Her latest endorsement is Out On the Street, a summit of powerful financial heads in London coming together to decide how the financial industry can advance LGBT rights. “The inaugural Out on the Street summit in Europe is an exciting opportunity to connect with one another and share strategies on how to advance the rights of LGBT individuals in the workplace and beyond, and to underscore why this issue matters for the industry”

Nineteen states and counting have petitions up on President Obama’s We The People site asking for permission to secede from the United States in the wake of the president’s reelection. The rules of the site say that any petition that gets 25,000 signatures will get a response from the administration. I imagine somewhere in a sound studio,Marc Burch they’re recording the sound of the President laughing uncontrollably.

Major League Soccer is not having it with players uttering gay slurs. The latest is Sounders’ Marc Burch, who let loose with a slur during their game with Real Salt Lake. With the season drawing to a close, the league handed down a three game suspension, taking him out of the playoffs and possibly out of the first game of next season, plus a fine and sensitivity training. Impressively, the league acted in only two days. Burch has apologized, and to be honest, it was actually a pretty good apology.

 Oh, Tom, the answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

 I really do. My pre-internet brain could remember phone numbers

 Who wants CPR from Lance Bass? And can’t gay guys use the male dummy?

 Danny Zuker does have a point

 David Hasselhoff is Team Jake

Last night, Cheyenne Jackson and Jonathan Groff sang a duet, and I wasn’t there!

Colton Haynes covered up his man cleavage to go to the flea market. If he hadn’t, that globe wouldn’t have been alone

Anderson Cooper admits that yes, sometimes he can tell if someone else is gay, but he wouldn’t necessarily call it gaydar. In my view, gaydar is a lot like sonar, there are active and passive versions. Cooper had active gaydar for years, giving off a strong signal to well, everyone on the planet.


This baby red panda really wants to catch that butterfly. He might end up killing it with cuteness before his paws get anywhere near it.


Once Red Bull dropped a man from space, you’d think they wouldn’t really be able to come up with anything crazier. You’d be wrong, because they now have the Kluge, which unites most of their sponsored athletes in a type of Rube Goldberg machine with one purpose, to break a can of Red Bull free from the ice it is frozen in.


It’s a commonly asked question: Why doesn’t MTV play music videos anymore? You probably never thought you’d get an honest answer to that question, but even though this man is only impersonating an MTV executive, I have a feeling this is spot on.


Straight guys, we’re tired of playing around trying to get you to support marriage equality. Either you come around and agree equality matters, or we’re going to marry your girlfriends. NSFW


I’ll admit, with the exception of some cartoons, I’m not a huge fan of Christmas movies. They’re just too sappy. But somehow, the UK has managed to mash together what appears to be a Christmas movie and the inevitable Glee: Toddlers to create Nativity 2: Danger In the Manger, and convince David Tennant to star in it (Martin Freeman was unavailable for the sequel). I don’t think The Doctor could save this.


Evidently there is a 20 year old tennis player named Bernard Tomic, and he was naked in a hot tub on top of a high rise for his 20th birthday, when he decided to have a naked wrestling match with the guy he was sharing his hot tub with. The cops were called when neighbors feared one of them was going to go over the edge of the balcony. Tomic says it was all just a bit of fun. Possibly NSFW due to long distance blurry bits. h/t Allan


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