Morning Meme: Chord Overstreet Passes on “Playgirl,” Anne Rice Slams “Twilight,” and Fox Bans Homer’s Butt

Playgirl says that
Chord Overstreet has officially turned the magazine down on a pictorial. Moving
along, what about Darren Criss?

According to Production
, the new Muppet movie
will have Jane Lynch, Jack Black, Donald Glover, and Danny
. Paul Rudd will voice the
new Muppet, Walter. And there’s a rumor of Lady
, but it notes that Gaga was rumored to be the model for Miss Piggy this go around, so maybe
that’s all it is.

Conceptually, I get what developmental psychologist Ritch Savin-Williams was trying to say,
that the focus on bullying can bring about feelings of helplessness in teens who see
each suicide as another lash of the whip. It’s a stunning exercise in ivory
tower intellectualism. And he should be completely ashamed he is so out of
touch with the world.

Kylie is not only
headlining the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but she’s also
doing the tree lighting ceremony
at Rockefeller Center November 30th
on NBC.

Logo is sponsoring a contest to create an anti-bullying PSA. The top five will be posted on
via,, and beginning December
2, and you can vote for your favorite until December 11. The winning video will air on Logo.

ABC is developing a daytime talk show that will pair Tori Spelling with Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis. I guess they really do want the gay market.

No one was paying attention to Ann Coulter, so she decided to advocate repeal of the 26th
, destroying liberalism by raising the minimum voting age, since
young people generally vote progressive. Considering how sacred conservatives
think the Constitution is, they certainly want to change it.

Sapphire, the
author of Push (which became Precious), is writing a sequel called The Kid. 
It will focus on Precious’ son as he grows up “alone, brutalized and
with the soul of an artist."

Bravo’s Work of Art
has been renewed. I know one editor that will be pleased!

Glee may do a straight (well, as straight as Glee can do) episode rather than another themed show after the Super Bowl.

Newsweek and The Daily Beast are to merge, with Tina
at the top of the heap.

Rumor has it that Speaker
is going to force a vote on ENDA in the House during the
lame duck session. It’s purely symbolic, since it can’t possibly even come up
for debate in the Senate, which is hopelessly broken. But at least our enemies
will have to declare themselves.

The physics of how a cat drinks has finally been decoded, and
it’s pretty high end physics, geometry, and a deep understanding of gravity. I’m
telling you, they are pure evil, and much smarter than you think they are.

The Florida Family
is claiming to have pressured Kodak and the California
Milk Board
into dropping advertising on DeGrassi: The Boiling Point and
Blue Mountain State because of their anti-Christian content and support of the
homosexual lifestyle. Oddly, there is no press release from Kodak or California
Milk Board to support this claim, just the fact that they didn’t advertise one
week to the next. Maybe they just didn’t buy time?

The Three Stooges movie is dead, according to Jim Carrey.

Focus on the Family
will pick up sponsorship of Day of Truth, which counters
the anti-homophobia Day of Silence. They’ve renamed it Day of Dialogue like
some sort of college bowl game sponsorship after Exodus International found it tacky to continue promoting
homophobia in schools after so many gay teen suicides.

A Hobbit named Rob Kazinsky has been cast in Brothers & Sisters to come between Justin and his new squeeze. This could be
fun backstage, since Dave Annable is
actually married to his new squeeze in real life.

Anne Rice explains the problem with Twilight
(and conceivably The Vampire Diaries):
“It’s based on a really silly premise: that immortals would go to high school.
It’s a failure of imagination, but at the same time, that silly premise has
provided Stephenie Meyer with huge
success. It’s almost like a stroke of genius to put vampires in high school.
They just graduate over and over again.”

The Simpsons just
got renewed for a 23rd season. They’ll become the third scripted show
in history to top 500 episodes. There are so many amazing quotes from Al Jean about the show, “’There was a period where we could show Homer’s ass.’ But then, presumably
post–Janet Jackson, ‘They said we couldn’t. I then went back to them and noted
that the repeats where we had showed it are airing in syndication at 6 p.m. [on
Fox-owned TV stations].’ Was Fox convinced by Jean’s logic? ‘Nope. Banned.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell stopped by Good Morning America Thursday. Neither packed a razor for their trip to New York City, and it’s actually really working for me with Ty. Who knew?

So cute they wanted the crowd in the shot.

I went to a Veteran’s Day parade on Thursday. There were a lot of great soldiers from a variety of wars, and a disturbing number of future soldiers in JROTC from the high schools. But on the way back to the car I encountered this cooler, sitting on the corner beside the massive new federal building, with no owner in sight. 

I’m afraid to know "specimens of what?"

I have no idea what you’re talking about, this hedgehog is wearing galoshes.

There is an entire collection of Stephen Dorff on the red carpet with different celebrities throughout the years. It’s a pretty eclectic bunch of photographs.

Doogie, and later with Reese. 

Sleepy koala. 

Matt Dallas hasn’t exactly been in the news lately. Here is a photo from yesterday though, so he’s still around.

Did they write on the motor home because they couldn’t text?

Well, I’m not surprised.

Not only did Ellen have Mike O’Malley on yesterday’s episode, she also had Ricky Martin, who just seems so incredibly happy and relaxed in his life.

Two major PSA’s were released from the NOH8 Campaign Thursday evening, and they really brought the star power. This on on bullying features Tom Bergeron, Drew Carey, Antonio Cromartie, Dr. Drew, Steph Jones, Bridget Marquardt, Cindy McCain, Dave Navarro, Jeff Probst, Denise Richards, Angela Simmons, Gene Simmons, and Slash. The money shot is Cindy McCain saying gay youths are killing themselves because they can’t serve their country openly in the military.

The second PSA is more directly targeted as part of the It Gets Better Project. This one has Eric Balfour, Meredith Eaton, Terry Kennedy, Laura Ling, Alec Mapa, Meghan McCain, Shanna Moakler, Pauley Perrett, Vanessa Simmons, Hal Sparks, Tori Spelling, Kirsten Vangsness, Kat Von D, and Debra Wilson. breaks the news that lucky winners can be buried with Orpah in the giant tomb that is being constructed for her eventual death.

This live-action version of Doug, the classic Nicklodeon cartoon, is epic. It’s very Less Than Zero, but still so very Doug. I wish it were real.

Judge Judy is fine with the Iowa judges being voted out. She has a very ivory tower view of democracy, and it’s exactly what one would expect of a very rich, privileged woman who wants to sound like she’s for equality, but really couldn’t care less. She’s got hers, screw the little people. She basically endorsed not just the judges, but in general, mob rule, and the ability of the majority to vote for rights of a minority.

Did everyone see the smokestack demolition in Ohio that went horribly wrong?

Jimmy Fallon has started another serial skit on his show called "Suckers" that has a vampire element, but I’m not quite sure what vampire franchise he’s gunning for. But I loved his "6-bee" series.

On July 15, 2011, a new, hand-drawn Winnie the Pooh will hit theaters, the first in more than 30 years. It has all the traditional elements, but a few modern touches as well. I’m moderately excited. I also have a soft spot for Eeyore.

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