Morning Meme: Chris Colfer Is a NY Times Bestselling Author, Lance Bass Is Prince Charming, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson Hoofs It In “The Producers”

I don’t have a link, but Chris Colfer tweeted that Land of Stories will debut at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. Congratulations, Chris!Chris Colfer

Just when I thought it was such wonderful news that three of the hospitals treating patients from the Aurora shootings were planning on wiping out or severely reducing the medical bills for the victims, a wet blanket decides to politicize it in a negative way.

I’ve been largely ignoring (at great effort), the drama around Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren. But she’s back at home, and upset she lost guardianship of her grandchildren after vanishing for a week without telling them she was leaving.

Viacom, our parent company, has joined with other major businesses in signing an amicus brief in Gill vs. Office of Personnel Management (the case to overturn DOMA).

Chik-Fil-AMike Huckabee invited NOM’s Brian Brown on his radio program to talk about Chick-fil-A, and completely ignored that it wasn’t just statements that the company made believing in the traditional family, but that they had donated millions to anti-gay groups.  They also whined that it was economic bullying to boycott Chick-fil-A… but fine to boycott Pepsi, Starbucks, General Mills and Home Depot.

In case you weren’t aware, it’s Heterosexual Awareness Month.

A Chicago Alderman, with the support of mayor Rahm Emmaneul, is moving to block Chick-fil-A from opening in his ward.

In New Hampshire, Speaker O’Brien says that if he’s reelected, he will again try to overturn marriage equality in the state, because gay marriage is expensive. “If our families are weak, then we’ll never be able to have final fiscal responsibility, because if government needs to step up for weakened families then there’s going to be an unlimited call on government resources. One of the things that makes our families strong is a traditional definition of marriage, and I firmly believe that.”

Luke Macfarlane will guest star on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast as the artistic director of a ballet company whose prima ballerina is murdered.Luke Macfarlane

In a move that is tearing social networking tools apart, Kristen Stewart has admitted to cheating on Robert Pattinson with 41-year-old Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. With the passion of the Twihards running hot, I can only assume she’s entered witness protection.

An Oklahoma City man awoke to vandals defacing his car with “fag” painted on the hood. As he approached, they tossed a flame into the car, which burst into flames, catching him on fire. He suffered first and second degree burns to his face, arms and torso.

The Catholic Church in Scotland is speaking out against the government decision to move towards marriage equality, likely by 2015. “The Scottish Government is embarking on a dangerous social experiment on a massive scale. However, the church looks much further than the short-term electoral time-scales of politicians. We strongly suspect that time will show the Church to have been completely correct in explaining that same-sex sexual relationships are detrimental to any love expressed within profound friendships. However, in the short term and long term the Church does not see same-sex marriage as an appropriate and helpful response to same-sex attraction.” You know what, screw you. I can’t even be civil and polite when they say something like that.

Katy PerryKaty Perry is the new face of Popchips, which came under fire with racist ads featuring Ashton Kutcher. Somehow, I thought she’d endorse Redi-whip.

The Boy Scouts fired 22-year-old Eagle Scout Tim Griffin, the Program Director for Camp Winton in California, for supposed “dress code violations,” but Griffin, and the 10 out of 30 other camp staffers who quit in protest, said it’s because he’s openly gay.

After Rush Limbaugh expressed wonder that Ice-T even knew the word “tyranny,” the rapper/actor finally said what most of us have been thinking for years. “Rush Limbaugh said he was impressed I knew the word ’tyranny.’ He’s a racist piece of shit.”


 This picture captures why Mickey Rourke shouldn’t play Gareth Thomas

 This bird is judging you, and your choices

 What is on Grant Gustin’s lip in this picture from the indie film Affluenza?

 Prime Minister David Cameron supports Ben Cohen’s Stand Up Foundation

Chick-fil-A is saying that it isn’t responsible for this fake Facebook account defending them
. Yeah.

 Matthew Mitcham and Team Aussie hit the ice baths. Who’s the cutie on the right?

 The New Normal hits the Television Critics Association

 Your daily Tovey has him bringing the gun show to Olympic Park with Matthew Cain


First up, via Towleroad, we have CinderFella, a modern gay musical take on the classic fairy tale. Starring Lance Bass, Janice Dickinson, Willam, and Shangela put together by American Idol contestant Todrick Hall. It’s pretty awesome, and let’s face it, Janice was born to play the Evil Stepmother.


This isn’t a new video, but it was too awesome not to include. Watch fire breathing captured at 2000 fps, and tell me you’re not amazed. The fire seems like it’s alive.


I will admit, I know nothing about Life of Pi, but Ang Lee’s latest is one of the most visually stunning trailers I’ve ever seen.


I’m an old space dreamer, and I can’t help but be depressed by the state of the space program in the United States. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye are running a Kickstarter for Fight For Space, showing just how we got here, and what we’re giving up.


Let’s just admit it, no matter how we feel about President Obama on a given day, we all love First Lady Michelle Obama. Here she talks about what it was like to move the family into the White House.


Sally Ride’s sister Bear spoke with Current about her sister, and about how politicians try and have it both ways with the gay community.


Old Spice does the Olympics. I didn’t know they had added the dog paddle to swimming this time around. Do you think Michael Phelps’ oddball physicality gives him an advantage there?


Next Media Animation takes on the controversy between Jim Henson Company and Chik-Fil-A. Never mind that Disney owns the Muppets that appear in this video, Kermit is a bad ass, and Miss Piggy has attitude for days.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson struts his stuff in this promotional video for The Producers taking place at the Hollywood Bowl.


If I’ve learned anything from animated films over the years, every human event that exists in the world has an animated animal equivalent event, and that’s just what we get here. Never mind that we’re talking about vermin, it’s adorable.


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