Morning Meme: “Glee” Addresses the Pink Elephant, Taylor Lautner’s Abs Don’t Come Cheap, and “Law & Order: UK” Slang Primer

There are huge spoilers about Glee’s
Super Bowl episode in this post concerning Sue Sylvester. But just how big and
flashy is the episode? According to Chris
, “It’s by far the most expensive episode we’ve ever done. There was
one scene where they were filming and they had two ambulances on standby, which
is two more ambulances than they usually have. It’s a big one.”

Meanwhile, this post about Glee
has Darren Criss addressing the
future of Blaine and Kurt “We’re definitely going to start seeing some layers
to the two of them. The pink elephant in the room will finally be addressed,
let’s put it that way.”

The real Being Human,
the one with Russell Tovey, is set to hit the air for its third season in the UK January 23rd.
Which may not bode well for those with access to both the original and the
American series. Unfortunate comparisons may be made.

This is a mildly NSFW post of 25
Offputting Male Strippers
. Some of them are a matter of taste.

Falling into the totally NSFW category is
this music video
from Casey Spooner,
with additional vocals by Scissor Sisters’
Jake Shears called “Spanish

Dreamworks is set to make an animated, Bollywood-style musical inspired by the epic poem
The Ramayana, titled
Monkeys of Bollywood.
The people behind the scenes are impressive, with
A.R. Rahman of Slumdog Millionaire composing, Wicked lyricist Stephen Schwartz, and Gurinder Chadha from Bend It Like Beckham producing. So I’m
looking forward to this for all that. Plus, I like monkeys.

Zac Efron has packed on 18 pounds of muscle for his new role. And he’s
packed it on in all the right places.

A bill introduced in Wyoming would require counseling in order to get married, and
counseling to get divorced. Somehow, this amuses me, since it’s more inline
with protecting marriage than telling me I can’t.

Taylor Lautner has
yet to open a movie on his own, but Hollywood has decided his 18-year-old abs are worthy of joining the eight-figure salary club.

The pope insists that the children you have inside a
marriage, because you aren’t using condoms, be
given Christian names

If you’re going to Slamdance, be sure to check out Tom
short film.

John Cameron Mitchell
is over gay culture. This quote kind of makes me over John
Cameron Mitchell, since he made his name out of depicting a heightened version
of gay culture.

Big Bang Theory
got renewed for three years. CBS is having to shell out roughly $260 million to keep the
nerds on television.

Lemurs, outside of the movies Madagascar, may actually have a culture.

Maryland is set to move dramatically on equal rights for gays and lesbians,
probably including marriage. And it looks like New Hampshire won’t try and move dramatically backwards on gay rights.

Forbes thinks it’s
possible that Lady Gaga can earn over $100 million in 2011. They don’t seem to
speculate on how much of that she actually gets to pocket though.

Speaking of money, a new study says that people who are out earn a lot more money than people who are closeted. I’m not
sure how you study people who are closeted, since by definition, they’re

Is Showtime thinking about a docuseries about the San Francisco Giants?
And will Brian “The Beard” Wilson
and his buddy The Machine feature
prominently? Enquiring minds want to know.

Brett Claywell
proudly announced that after six years of work he had gotten STIKS
off the ground. Of course, he failed to mention what STIKS was, but this handy article tells me it was a video game tournament
for celebrities, and was attended by some seriously heavy hitters, from Snoop Dogg to Zac Efron to yes, Scott

Meanwhile, his old boss at One Life To Live, Frank
gets to keep his job.

WikiLeaks founder Julian
says that his “insurance files” contain blockbuster cables,
including secrets about Rupert Murdoch
and News Corp.

Tuesday night boxing drama Lights Out premiered on FX to less-than-stellar ratings. Which is a
shame, because it was pretty good. And star Holt McCallany’s bare backside made a glorious appearance as well.

They’re going to remake Thunderbirds.
And not in the Team America way.

Sebastian Stan says that he really likes playing Bucky in Captain America: First Avenger. And it’s
even better because the roles reverse once puny Steve Rodgers becomes super
soldier Captain America.

Glenn Beck gave his total endorsement to Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark. He says it’s better than Wicked.
I’m not sure what to think.

While we’ll have to wait for the Best Gay Week Ever column to hear if security had to restrain editor Michael Jensen at the Fox party when he saw Chris Colfer and Darren Criss (assuming he’ll admit it). But until then, is this not the most precious red carpet photo of the boys before they had to run for their lives?

They really would make a cute couple.

So, now for Barbie, instead of buying the computer scientist accessory kit, you can now buy this Louboutin shoe pack. Because that’s the message we want to send to little girls.

Or is this for adult collectors?

Nick Adams is in Los Angeles at the Four Seasons while he does a photo shoot for Instinct magazine, which evidently still exists. Here he is hanging out with Scott Nevins, himself a former Instinct coverboy.

Nick’s tweets said he was stuck in a middle seat in a full first class on the flight.

I couldn’t come up with a caption for this photo.

Weather maps continue to amuse me.

The Real World: DC’s Mike Manning is doing a photoshoot of some sort. He said the glitter cross was scratchy. I can’t help but wonder what it scratched.

Do the gray and black really go with the gold glitter?

This picture came with its own caption.

There’s going to be another unauthorized Glee comic book. They’ve obviously hired a better artist this time, because I can actually recognize Chris Colfer.

The first comic was terrible.

Wendy Williams is going to be on One Life To Live. They don’t have room for gay characters, but they can make up whole shows-within-shows for talk show hosts.

Well, they didn’t splurge on the set build.

This picture has a lot of cute in it. “Luke, I am your father.”

Frankie Muniz has been a child star, a race car driver, and I thought that he was in a band these days and recording an album. But based solely on that mustache, maybe he’s making films of a particular sort instead?

I am joking, please do not call the lawyers.

If your cat gets stuck in a tree, you call the fire department. Evidently you do the same thing if your guinea pig gets stuck in a computer printer.

Do firemen even get cats out of trees anymore?

Some of the cast of The Big Bang Theory before shooting begins. I can’t help but notice that while no one has makeup on, Johnny Galecki looks tan and young. We’ve watched him since he was a kid, and he may actually be looking younger and healthier now than he did on Roseanne. The same cannot be said of his costars without makeup.

And she was the one who tweeted the photo.

NOM is selecting Rhode Island as their new battleground, now that a pro-marriage governor is in place. They even learned to spell his name correctly. It’s funny how they decry his election, by the people of the state, where he ran on a pro-marriage equality platform, because it was a multi-party race. Does the voice of the people not matter to you Maggie Gallagher? Or just not when it doesn’t read the way you want it to?


Just so you understand how many lies they managed in that 30 second ad, Stop 8’s Matt Baume will explain them all to you. Well, he doesn’t take time to explain who’s paying for all of this. But neither does NOM.


Fulton Innovations has invented a smart cereal box. It can communicate with your smart fridge about when the expiration date for the box is, when it was bought, and did I mention it flashes and animates to attract the attention of your children in the supermarket? All printed using standard techniques, with special ink.


There’s a new trailer for Battlefield: Los Angeles. It’s depressing, violent, and filled with leftie politics. Expect Fox News to give it a terrible review shortly.


When I first watched this snowboard trick, it was just the ten seconds of the trick, and I found it amazing. Then I found this video, which has the trick, and how they did it. It just goes to show, you can’t trust anything you see – this wasn’t a multimillion dollar Hollywood movie, this was small time fun.


This trailer for Law & Order: UK that is up for the BBC America run. In case you aren’t familiar with the jargon of the British court system, or the slang of the British police, they have a helpful guide. Also, I promote anything Jamie Bamber is in, just for the hope he takes off his clothes.


Pixar decided to build a zoetrope. For a company grounded in technology, I find that incredibly charming. And it’s suitably over-the-top, as one would expect.


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