Morning Meme: Hugh Jackman Is the “Bi-est Guy In Town,” Rick Perry Breaks a Record, and Dads Want Their Daughters To Scream Justin Bieber’s Name

I can’t help but think that in some hands, a review of Hugh Jackman’s Broadway show that contains lines like “Let’s face it. Mr. Jackman is, unapologetically and triumphantly, the bi-est guyHugh Jackman in town: bicultural, bimorphic, binational, biprofessional and, for entertainment purposes, bisexual” would have been considered offensive.

While promoting Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise has confirmed that they are working on a sequel to Top Gun. Please, no. But if it has to be, it has to be a post-DADT military.

Tyler Clementi’s parents spoke to People about the ongoing trial in their son’s death, and getting through the holidays.  His mother says “It’s especially hard right now because this was his favorite time of year. So we’re trying to find a new way to celebrate Christmas. I’m sad – and trying to get through it.”

I have two jobs, and I’m very fortunate to work for one company with a 100% rating on the HRC’s Equality Index, and 90% for the other employer. How does your company rank?

Conservatives (this is admittedly an extremely anti-gay bunch) are starting to turn on Newt Gingrich in the most hilarious ways, like calling him the Kim Kardasian of the GOP.

In somewhat magical timing, Malawi has announced plans to review their laws against homosexuality.

Denis O'HareHaving headed off into the sunset on American Horror Story, Denis O’Hare is going to resurrect his character on The Good Wife.

Without reading the actual stories, there’s always a chance they won’t be politically correct, but how can you not be intrigued by a genderqueer anthology with a story titled “Schrodinger’s Pussy?”

NOM is now pushing a meme that gay parents are more likely to molest their children, using discredited research to demonize us. Remember when they used to say it was just about marriage, and they weren’t anti-gay? Those were the days.

You really should go vote for Husbands the Series in the best web comedy category. It’s currently in second place to The Guild. A vote for Husbands is a vote for equality, or at least a very smart lady told me so!

Voyager 1 is preparing to leave the solar system for good and become the first man-made object to cross interstellar space.Rebecca Black

Rick Perry’s anti-gay campaign video now has more dislike votes that Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” officially making it the most hated video in the history of YouTube. He posted a new video to the channel today, but not only are comments disabled, so is voting it up or down. But you can still report it as hate speech.

I can’t find a way to embed this video from Irish peat manufacturer Bord Na Mona, but you really should go watch it right now. I’ll wait here.

In incredibly sad and timely news, marriage activist Ed Watson has died. You may remember Ed as a plaintiff for expediting the Prop 8 appeal because he hoped to wed his partner of 40 years before Alzheimer’s robbed him of the ability to recCorbin Bleuognize his partner.

In other sad news, Tennessee teen Jacob Rogers committed suicide after anti-gay bullying caused him to drop out of high school. I’d like to applaud Towleroad, Dan Savage, and JoeMyGod for raising the money for a funeral for Jacob. May he rest in peace, and his tormentors find none.

High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu is going to be flashing his butt in 3D in his new movie Nurse. Sadly, for a 3D film, the backside is all we get to see.

 Jon Huertas is an excellent reason to watch Castle.


 I’m sure gay marriage is to blame for this.

 It may be a worthy homage to the original poster, but it’s also a Photoshop disaster. I’m not sure they were even in the room together.

Needs less clothes, too.

 The ultimate photobomb.

 I could worship there too.

 Maybe he should have at least listened to his gay pollster on the wardrobe.

 I hope they add some realism in post.

 How do I pick which one of them is better? Can’t we just say they’re both the best for supporting the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center?


I admit a certain fondness for the Madagascar movies, or at least some of the characters, like the King. And I’ve been known to watch Penguins of Madagascar on Nick. So the big question for Madagascar 3 is if we get an appearance by Dr. Blowhole? It seems like he should be playing baccarat in Monte Carlo.


Well, this isn’t creepy at all.


Though I think I may like it better than the yodeling cat shilling for WalMart.


Should I be offended that I wasn’t featured in the Top Ten Memes of 2011?


As befits my advanced age, I frequently mock modern day teen idols like Justin Bieber, as my parents’ generation mocked my teen idols. But he scores major points for the humor in this ad for his fragrance Someday.


Thank you Second City for the perfect response to Rick Perry. To godless sodomites!


Jiro Dreams of Sushi makes me hungry for good sushi. Living in a landlocked state in a town too small to fly in fresh seafood daily has seriously cut down on my raw fish consumption.


If your Yuletide is just a little too gay, order Straight Up Christmas to be sure the man in your chimney says “No Homo!”


I have such a crush on Foster the People, even if their music is fairly dark for the upbeat tunes they set it to. For “Don’t Stop” they enlist the help of Gabourey Sidibe. Things get seriously bromantic at the end.


This new trailer for The Lucky One still has the unfortunate fact of being a Nicholas Sparks movie. But it does have a lot more footage of Zac Efron in his underwear than the first one, including one shot of Taylor Schilling slipping her hand down the back of his undies between the cheeks. Please! Like that wouldn’t be the first place you’d go. Well, maybe the second. It’s a matter of taste.


Juanita Bartlett from Sordid Lives wants you to know It Gets Better.


Nobody on The View, not even Elisabeth, approved of how Rep. Michele Bachmann handled Elijah telling her his mommies didn’t need fixed.


I can’t say that I hate What To Expect When You’re Expecting as much as I expected to hate it. That said, it looks like it’s just your typical men vs. women movie.


Over at Bilerico they have the details on Sean Strub’s new documentary HIV Is Not a Crime.


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