Morning Meme: James Anderson Bares All, Tour “Blue Mountain State”‘s Goat House, and Mr. Colbert Goes To Washington

Harvey Fierstein is going to be the librettist for a Newsies musical. Alan Menkin
is composing and Jack Feldman is
providing the lyrics.
Because newspapers are just as relevant today.

U.S. Senator Saxby
has confirmed that the “All faggots must die” comment left on
Joe.My.God Tuesday was left by someone in his office, but he’s been unable to
determine the specific person. He’s turned the investigation over to the Senate Sergeant
At Arms.

Lady Gaga’s meat
dress from the MTV Video Music Awards is being turned into jerky so it can be preserved. In case she
gets hungry later.

John Goodman has
joined Kevin Smith’s horror-esque movie Red
. It’s inspired by Fred
of Westboro Baptist Church.

It’s not just about the guys at Marvel. After The Avengers, the plan is to spin off Black
into her own standalone project starring Scarlett Johansson.

Jonathan Ames,
creator of Bored To Death, says he’s got a full-frontal scene coming up. But he says
thanks to his size, “I’m not proud of what was onscreen. I’m humiliated by what
was onscreen. There was nothing onscreen. It was like full-frontal

Stephen Colbert
is going to Washington, D.C. to testify before the House Judiciary Committee
about immigration. He’s going with the United Farm Workers Union president, and
is expected to testify in character.

Florida’s appeals court has upheld the 2008 ruling that the state’s ban on gay adoption 
is unconstitutional
. Florida Governor
Charlie Crist
says he doesn’t think the Florida Supreme Court will make a
different ruling, and will decide whether to appeal after speaking to the
plaintiff in the case.

Miranda Cosgrove
is dirtying up her iCarly image. The teen star will guest on The
Good Wife
as a troubled pop star who is drinking and driving and facing
jail time.

Showtime has announced their William H. Macy headlined Shameless
remake will premiere January 9th.

Irish President Mary
has declined an invitation to be the Grand Marshall in the New
York City St. Patrick’s Day parade due to the exclusion of gay Irish groups
marching under their own banner.

This piece in Scientific
titled Is Your Child a “Prehomosexual”? is causing me some
concern. Based on some phrasing, it’s written by an apparently gay man, but the
data attempts to draw conclusions from correlation, and that’s always

The United States Senate is always conservative and behind
the times, and not just on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In 1930, after rotary dial telephones were installed in the Senate,
they passed a resolution banning the devices for being confusing compared to
operators. While the ban only applied to the Senate, Senator Carter Glass from Virginia said “he hoped the phone company
would take the hint."

Lord Puttnam
continues his offensive in the press in an attempt to keep Rupert Murdoch from buying BSkyB and creating a Fox News UK.

I watched the premiere of The CW’s Hellcats, and found it to be pretty unbearable. But Debbie Allen is going to direct an episode, and I might have to turn in to
see what she can do with a cheer squad, multiple cameras, and an editing suite.

Vulture’s new theater critic Scott Brown lists his Ten Most Anticipated Productions and a lot of gay plays – and gay actors – are represented: Angels
In America
, Denis O’Hare, David Hyde Pierce, T.R. Knight,  the list goes
on and on.

Ask a bunch of physicists what would happen if you stuck your hand into the Large Hadron Collider while it’s
running, and you’ll get a lot of strange looks. They’ve probably never
considered it. But it’s sort of fun to listen to them stumble through guesses. 

The New York Times
has come out in favor of ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell by just not appealing the ruling that it’s unconstitutional.
But it hates letting the cowards in Congress off the hook with not acting.

Graham Norton is
among the BBC stars that may have his salary published if the National Audit Office
has their way with the audit of Auntie’s books. The question is, does Norton
make as much as J-Lo is getting for American Idol

On Tuesday, we showed you the cover of the new Attitude magazine with cricketer Jimmy Anderson lounging sexily on the cover. The magazine is now out, and I can tell you that there are pictures that are so hot we can’t print them and maintain out editorial standards. The boy’s got a great booty though, truly world class.

Still, this PG-13 collage isn’t bad, and you can always buy the magazine for more.

Evidently David Sedaris has a new book out, and an extensive tour supporting it. The tour is so extensive, he’s even doing a reading within an hour of my house, and I live in the middle of nowhere. I may make the drive.

Also, I like squirrels.

Inevitably, the relationship didn’t work, and the squirrel binged on peanuts.

They announced the new judging panel for American Idol. As expected, joining Randy Jackson at the table is Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, who seems determined to bring back the one-piece jumpsuit.

Not even Jenny fron the block can pull off camel toe.

Remember how nuts I was for the little yellow Minions from Despicable Me? Well the BluRay will have three new short films starring my little yellow buddies when it comes out on December 14th. Until then, I’ve discovered that the sidekick in Megamind is actually named Minion!

I wonder if there’s an action figure?

I feel like I owe you a daily dose of cute.

My biggest guilty pleasure, Blue Mountain State returns to Spike TV October 20th. Here Alan Ritchson gives us a tour of the Goat House, MTV Cribs style. I have to say though, I was really disappointed with his skills (and decision to keep his clothes on) for the stripper pole demonstration.

I’m a little unclear of the exact origin of this piece on Matthew Mitcham’s journey to the Commonwealth Games in Dehli. But he’s utterly adorable as usual, plays dodgeball with some elementary school kids, and cooks with hunky Curtis Stone. h/t GayTVLuver

Former President Bill Clinton swears that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was forced on him, but General Colin Powell also sold it as something much more benign that what it’s become since Powell’s retirement.

We’re two weeks out from the return of Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans returning. Is it just me, or is there something slightly gay about some of these two-headed worm creatures?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 has released a theatrical trailer with a ton of new footage. And our gay wizard has a cameo in the trailer!

And for an Aww! moment, listen to Will Ferguson and Kim Smith discuss how they met, how long the two men "courted" and how they proposed. The New York Times did a great job with this for their Vows section. 

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