Morning Meme: James Van Der Beek Dances, NPH Apologizes to Sir Elton, and Adam Lambert Flirts On “Pretty Little Liars”

E! is reporting that Colton Haynes is exiting Teen Wolf over negotiations over the number of episodes he would be appearing in. Colton HaynesSources for the show say that he was offered a full run, while sources for Haynes say he was offered less than half the episodes. MTV says that no one is being forced out or recast, but doesn’t say that Colton isn’t leaving.

James Van Der Beek may have started a trend playing a heightened version of himself on television, because now Michael Bolton is set to do the same, in a show about his assistant, him, and his out of control teen daughter. But will he make a sexy jeans commercial? And a bigger question is what exactly a heightened version of Michael Bolton looks like.

Just when you think the Log Cabin Republicans are sane, the Florida chapter runs an ad displaying the body of slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens, arguing that the Obama administration won’t protect gay/gay friendly citizens from Muslims or Sharia law. Why is everyone worried about theoretical Sharia law in America? I’m more concerned about actual attempts to impose biblical law.

Chris ColferChris Colfer just signed with powerhouse management firm ICM, which will no doubt help elevate his career options to levels they should be at for a talent like his.

The National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute is backing lifelong celibacy for gays and lesbians. “One group of people that I particularly want to call your attention to is the group of people who experience same-sex attraction as a permanent part of their personalities. Some of those people choose to describe themselves as “gay” and identify with that attraction, but what I want to say is that that is a decision, to identify with the attraction. In effect, it’s a very momentous decision, but I am sure in a room this size there are people who know people who are struggling with same-sex attraction.[…] What the Catholic Church teaches is very simple, that they can be saved, but they have to live a life of chastity — and that God does want them to be saved. In fact, their same-sex attraction can be their personal path to holiness. That can be the thing that gets them to Heaven: dealing with that, dealing with it in a good, and decent, and wholesome way.” Sounds fun and fulfilling.

London Mayor Boris Johnson is backing marriage equality, and my favorite line is Boris Johnsonabout the historical nature of marriage. “And marriage is an ancient human institution that is far older than any of the religions that are practised today. It may well be beloved by God, but no religion has ever had a monopoly on marriage.”

Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins is still considering the marriage equality ballot in her state, which I find terribly progressive for a Republican Senator. “Historically, laws regulating family and domestic affairs have been almost exclusively regulated by the states which is why I have voted against federal constitutional amendments defining marriage. Next month, the voters in Maine will be asked to decide if they will allow the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Like voters in my state, I am considering this issue very carefully.”

Nordstrom has joined the list of companies supporting equality in Washington. Nordstrom is pretty progressive with their employment policies, but they do tend to have an older, wealthier clientele, so this could be fun to see play out.

MiceWhich is a long way from Russian retailer Expedition, which is banning gays from even applying for their leadership programs.

Let’s say you’re a closeted, exemplary soldier. You and your boyfriend hang out with an NCO, who drugs, rapes and infects you with HIV, which is discovered when you’re in a bootstrap program to become an officer. What happens? You get disqualified for service, no medical care, and no one on base will listen to your charges of rape.

Cinderella’s singing mice might actually be a thing.


 Neil Patrick Harris seems pretty happy to be at the Madonna concert (what gay wouldn’t be?). He adds “Sorry, Elton”

 Meanwhile, his alter ego, Barney Stinson, plans to vote President Obama

 Ryan Murphy tweeted a bunch of pictures of dramatic lighting, but this one shot of Chord Overstreet and Darren Criss caught my eye

 Beyond the t-rex prostate exam, can we just take a moment to admire Michael Shanks’ arms

 So. These exist and will hit stores next month

 Scissor Sisters get reflective in Copenhagen

 Adam Lambert may be playing himself on Pretty Little Liars, but that’s not going to stop him from flirting with the ladies. But he’s going to be himself, including bringing out out his Glampire trademark for the night.


The Rolling Stones have released their first new song in seven years, and the lyric video is actually strikingly moving. The lyrics work, and it sounds like classic Rolling Stones, which might be the perfect remedy for the rather generic pop music dominating the radio these days.


When a fire alarm went off during the rehearsal of Conan, James Van Derk Beek decided to do a little dance, which makes him even more adorable. The culprit turned out to be a bag of microwave popcorn, which means that the studio has the same problems as the breakroom at the office.


Mark Krieger and Paul Siebold, who are the center of Logo’s new series The Baby Wait, hit up the Jeff Probst Show with the woman who was the mother of their baby, to talk about why she gave up her baby for adoption, and how she never flinched giving it to a gay couple. It’s like Goldie from The New Normal in real life.


In The Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are both dealing with loss, and finding their way through it. But more importantly, you get to see them dance together.


We’ve finally found the woman who is going to vote for Mitt Romney (still searching for the gay man who will), and it turns out that she may not be completely stable. Excellent performance by Selma Blair.


I meant to run this the other day, but did anyone catch Nolan Gould of Modern Family on Ellen? He may play a dumb (even by sitcom standards) kid on the show, but he’s got his high school diploma at 13, is preparing for community college courses, is on an Emmy winning show, plays the banjo and is about to learn the sitar. I’m still in my boxer shorts. I may need to eat my feelings of inadequacy.


Timothy Kurek grew up a devout Christian, believing common biblical teachings about homosexuality, until a friend of his lost everything when she came out. So he decided to find empathy by living as a gay man for a year. He didn’t just hang out in gay bars – he came out as gay to his family, was ostracized, even though he was straight. He learned what it can be like to walk in our shoes.


Megan Mullally tells Larry King that originally none of the cast wanted to do Will & Grace. Eric McCormack was worried about playing a gay man, Debra Messing was tired from other series, and even she didn’t know what to do with Karen Walker, since she felt Christine Baranski had already done it perfectly on Cybill.


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