Morning Meme: Jesse Tyler and Justin Mikita Celebrate SAG, Betty White Hangs With “Modern Family,” and Superman Is British?

Henry Cavill,
best known to American audiences from The Tudors, has been cast as Superman in the Zach Snyder reboot of the series. He’s certainly hot, and his body
these days is just ridiculous, but he just doesn’t strike me as Superman. Plus
he’s British. Can you image the uproar if an American was cast as James Bond?

Speaking of James
, will Javier Bardem be playing the villain in Bond 23?

In perhaps an interesting preview of just how many
regulations have to be tweaked in order to put Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell away permanently,
we now are seeing a class action lawsuit concerning
separation pay for soldiers discharged under DADT.. It seems
the Pentagon cut the payout to soldiers discharged for being openly gay.

It wasn’t much of a weekend at the box office. Frankly, here we saw the sun for
the first time in weeks, and it got up to the mid-40s. No way was I going to go
sit in a dark theater.  The
managed to scare up about $15 million for first place.

Without getting too deep into the right or wrong of
something, this just goes to show how one group’s anthem is another group’s hate speech. The gay community generally
celebrated the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s
“Born This Way,” as did most minorities, seeing it as celebrating differences.
But Chicanos Unidos Arizona and MEChA are taking issue with her use of “chola”
and “orient” in the song, calling them racist.

I completely missed Neil
Patrick Harris
tweeting that his babies had started laughing already.  “The tots both started laughing. On the same
day. I’m now obsessed with getting them to do it. Babies laughing is like opium.”

The New York Times
has latched on to the Chick-fil-A corporate support of anti-gay
groups, and is not letting go. The chain is already releasing additional statements saying they don’t have any
political agenda, but that’s not supported by the facts. The day job has me
in a spot where the only two places to eat are a Chick-fil-A and a Steak
Escape. I still haven’t given Chick-fil-A one thin dime after three months.

The folks at Gold Derby have released their Grammy predictions for Best Female Pop
Vocal. Everyone seems to think that Lady
is a lock for “Bad Romance” but list Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” as the possible spoiler. I submit that
Perry’s version of “Teenager Dream” isn’t even the definitive version, much
less the Best Vocal.

I have never been so disappointed in a pair of screenwriters
before. J.J. Abrams go-to writers, Star Trek/Fringe/Wolverine’s Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are shopping the treatment for anti-gay nutjob Orson Scott
’s Ender’s Game.  I admit
that back before I was aware of Card’s personal views, I loved that book with a
passion. That these guys would help give him any more money to advocate that homosexuality be criminalized means I’ll never see anything
they write, produce or direct again.



As I was looking through Justin Mikita’s Twitter stream, I realized that if I’d known what I was looking for, we could have scooped everyone that he was hot and heavy with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. The evidence is there going back at least to the Golden Globe weekend. Darn dayjob is too distracting.

The EW party for Screen Actors Guild Awards.


No reason.

I believe that this is a baby camel. I hope he grows into the neck.

Kevin McHale looks smashing on his way to the SAG Awards.

I believe this is a red panda, and he wants to come inside.

I’m surprise that anyone could stop laughing with these three long enough to take a picture.

Tim Conway, Eric Stonestreet, Betty White.

After Modern Family won their SAG Award, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and cutie boyfriend Justin Mikita take note of The Actor’s most notable assets.

A gay man obviously designed it, but who was the model?

While there were obviously issues with this week’s Saturday Night Live, there were a couple bright spots. The opening was cute, with Jesse Eisenberg meeting Andy Samberg as Mark Zuckerberg, who eventually joins them onstage. But what struck me was just how not-awkward Zuckerberg was onstage. Makes me wonder if that hurts Eisenberg’s Oscar chances. It definitely should hurt Aaron Sorkin’s chances.

The other skit that I liked was “The Creep.” I’m not sure if it’s because there were always guys creeping on me back in my club days, or because I felt they had seen me attempt to dance and were mocking me specifically. I never used to creep on guys though – I was much more forward than that.


This short film imagines what it would be like if Neptune, Jupiter, and a clone Earth orbited in our night sky at the same distance as our moon. It’s kind of intimidating, and very alien.


This is evidently a gorilla in an English zoo. People are acting as if this is an evolutionary leap, a gorilla that walks upright. What they don’t understand is that English gorillas are just more formal by nature, and dragging their knuckles to walk is just too unseemly.




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