Morning Meme: Jim Parsons To Voice “The True Meaning of Smekday,” Cheyenne Jackson’s “Before You,” and Taylor Swift Is So Rich She Needs to Write a Song About It

Good news everyone! MTV has renewed Teen Wolf for a whopping 24 episode season three, the largest scripted series order in the network’s history.Teen Wolf In related news, now they’re just screwing with the gays and the shippers.

MTV will continue to collect cosplay shots from Comic-Con all weekend. Who would you like to see on the floor?

The Boston Globe ran a story claiming that Mitt Romney was actually still employed in an executive capacity at Bain Capital until 2002, which they say Romney lied about on federal election forms, which would be a felony. The Romney camp demanded a retraction, and the Boston Globe refused, saying the story is based on Bain’s own filings with the government.

As the University of Texas continues their investigation into the flawed Regeneres study on same-sex parenting, Maggie Gallagher accuses The New Civil Rights Movement’s Scott Rose of “attacking freedom of thought and scholarship” by demanding the inquiry into the deeply flawed study.

While it took years for the United States to pass the Matthew Shepherd Act, it only took Chile three months to pass a hate crimes law following the brutal death of Daniel Zamudio at the hands of Neo-Nazis.

Justin BieberHas anyone read The True Meaning of Smekday? Because I read the announcement that Dreamworks is planning an animated version of the book, and I didn’t understand it at all. I do know that two characters will be voiced by Rihanna and the out Jim Parsons.

Taylor Swift tops Forbes Top Earners Under 30 list with an astonishing $57 million last year, but what struck me about the list was that six of the top ten were female, which is a little unusual for Hollywood, but delightful to see.

Given the chance to take the high road, the internet often digs a tunnel. Buzzfeed has an extensive collection of tweets from people comparing Jerry Sandusky to Frank Ocean.

Speaking of Sandusky, the report on Penn State’s actions over the years and their overall inaction is out, and it’s pretty damning of the school’s leadership. It may take decades for the school’s reputation to recover. Or a national championship. I’ve found in the United States, football can cause anything to to be forgiven, sadly.

In case you were wondering, 21 Jump Street has a gay porn parody called 21 Hump Street (link SFW). 21 Jump StreetThere was already a straight porn parody of the same name back when the original show was on the air, and interestingly, Ron Jeremy appeared in both.

Tom Cruise may have settled with Katie Holmes, but he’s threatening to sue the National Enquirer for their “house of horrors” cover story on their relationship.

Naturally, Jon Voight is backing Jane Pitt in her anti-Obama, anti-abortion, anti-gay rant. The wedding dinner for the Pitt-Jolie clan is going to be a hoot!

Glee’s Grant Gustin revealed that he had auditioned for the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, but hasn’t heard what direction the production intends to go with casting.

Katy PerryKaty Perry’s insurers are evidently unhappy with her spinning peppermint bra, saying it’s too heavy and may cause neck injury. They’re fine with the whipped cream cannon bra though.

Pew Research has some handy dandy infographics about the country’s evolving view on marriage equality.

I really just can’t with this piece on gay men and baseball caps. It’s just so incredibly stupid, but people keep sending it to me, so I’ll mention it to make it go away.


 And now, Jake Shears in a tank top holding a puppy

 Either it was a recent school graduate, or someone has a wicked sense of humor

Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Brian Letendre have a pool day, and we all win

 Created for a horror festival in Detroit

 Travis Wall and Dom Palange make such a perfect couple

 Imagine what a cat can do to a human head

 Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes interview each other at Comic-Con

 Look at this vintage Gavin Creel from 2004

 And finally, Russel Tovey is a dirty, dirty boy.

Step Up Revolution is choreographed by Travis Wall, and evidently Adam Shankman told him to be as ridiculous as he wanted to be judging by the opening scene of the movie. I lived in Miami for years and never saw anything like this. Well, other than the eye candy, which is good, but I saw better in the block of Miami Beach on any given Tuesday.


We’ve featured Henri, the existential cat several times in Meme, but now we have an admirer of Herni’s ennui.


I still don’t really get what Cosmopolis is supposed to be about, and probably wouldn’t unless I was high, which means that there’s no way I’m going to see this movie.


The United States has a prison problem. We incarcerate a higher percentage of our population than any other country in the world. I’m all for rehabilitation though, rather than just locking people up and creating better criminals. That’s what a program in Gwinnett County, Georgia does in partnership with the local animal shelter, helping out both dogs and humans, all without spending any tax dollars.


When I saw the first teaser for Paranorman, I loved the style, and assumed it was computer animation, but it’s actually stop motion. This featurette is about creating Norman, literally, and the amount of work involved is mindblowing.


Jimmy Fallon took a fan letter which requested to see two hot dogs act out a scene from Dawson’s Creek. Naturally he obliged, with the two male wieners acting out a Joey and Pacey scene to tender perfection. The only way it could have been better would have been if he put Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek in the hot dog costumes.


Jimmy also dubbed The Dark Knight Rises trailer with Pee-Wee Herman’s voice. Well, it was Jimmy Fallon doing Pee-Wee Herman, but the effect is nearly indistinguishable.


The universe (and Temptations cat snacks) have finally found something worse than Crocs and Uggs combined.


We tipped our hat to birthday boy Cheyenne Jackson yesterday, but we didn’t get a chance to run the video for his new song “Before You.” From the looks of it, he was inspired by his time on Mockingbird Lane.


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