Morning Meme: John Barrowman Sizzles In New “Arrow” Trailer, “Guiding Light”‘s Maureen Garrett Comes Out, and Uncle Poodle Explains His Nickname

On a programming note, snicks will be liveblogging all the gay goings on with Days of Our Lives today, so schedule your lunch break accordingly.The Most Interesting Man In the World

We’ve all watched those “Most Interesting Man In the World” commercials, but just how did he become so interesting? Part of it may have been playing a red shirt on Star Trek and not getting killed in the episode.

A nuclear submarine collided with an Aegis destroyer off the east coast of the United States. The extent of the damage isn’t known, but both ships returned to port under their own power.

Extreme homophobe Rep. Allen West is running an ad claiming his opponent Patrick Murphy voted to cut $700 billion from Medicare. The major problem with this is that Murphy has never been elected to Congress, and so hasn’t voted on anything yet. This is where we are with politics.

Maureen GarrettVia press release, Freedom To Love has announced a concert at the Beacon Theater in NYC on October 30th featuring Rufus Wainwright, fun., They Might Be Giants, Reggie Watts, and more.

Guiding Light actress Maureen Garrett, who played Holly Lindsey for 35 years has come out as a lesbian after years of guarding her privacy. She and her partner have raised two sons and taken in a daughter as well. Welcome to the gayborhood!

Please go read this story about how Miss Coco Peru became the fairy godmother to a very lucky little girl. It may require tissues.

Helen LeFave is the lesbian stepsister of Rep. Michele Bachmann. She doesn’t speak out often about the anti-gay messages that Bachman spreads, but she did talk to Frank Bruni. Evidently Bachmann stunned her when she began using the anti-gay message in her politics. ““It felt so divorced from having known me, from having known somebody who’s gay. It stunned me.”

One man thinks that while gay conversion therapy is probably quack science, banning it by statute is wrong, when so many other therapies, including lobotomies remain legal. He obviously fails to understand that it’s not about having politicians picking and choosing medical therapies, but about protecting children from adults.

I’ve never watched an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I don’t watch reality television generally, Uncle Poodleand this one has a lot against it. Still, I’m touched at the acceptance of gays in the show, and now Uncle Poodle explains how he got the nickname, and says something that rings true in both his rural Georgia and my rural West Virginia. “If you want people to accept you, you have to show you don’t have a problem with yourself and just be up front about who you are. If you do, you earn people’s respect. If everybody would just go on and do that, ignorant people couldn’t cause so many problems. I know this is how I was born and I don’t need to explain it to anybody. I live my life for who I am. That’s why ‘Born This Way’ is gonna be my next tattoo.”

Several schools have canceled programs related to Mix It Up Day At Lunch once the American Family Association sent out an email blast, saying of the event, “It’s just another thinly veiled attempt to promote the homosexual agenda. No one is in favor of anyone getting bullied for any reason, but these anti-bullying policies become a mechanism for punishing Christian students who believe that homosexual behavior is not something that should be normalized.” Of course, Mix It Up Day never directly addresses anti-gay bullying, but is designed to help mix the cliques at a school. Some use it to help mix special needs students with the broader population. But since it’s sponsored by The Southern Poverty Law Center, the AFA takes issue, since they’ve been labeled a hate group. “The reality is we are not a hate group. We are a truth group. We tell the truth about homosexual behavior.”

Former Senator Arlen Spector has passed away at the age of 82. Spector had his faults, but he was a moderate Republican for most of his career. He originally voted for the Defense of Marriage Act but came to oppose it later in his career.

Felix BaumgartnerFelix Baumgartner successfully completed his world record skydive from 128,100 feet, reaching speeds of 833.9 MPH on his freefall to earth from a helium balloon. What did you do this weekend?

The FCC has approved a new rule that will allow encryption of basic cable service, meaning that people who don’t used a cable box are soon to be out of luck. There are provisions in the rule that provide for free boxes under the law for certain conditions.

Argo finished a strong second with $20 million this weekend at the box office, with Taken 2 holding on to the top spot with $22 million. Sinister pulled in $18 million for third, and Seven Psychopaths bombed.

 It looks like Russell Tovey needs a hug, so I’m booking my flight to the UK right now

 I wonder how often guys choose it just to prove something?

I’m more than a little confused by this picture of Team Husbands meeting Elmo at NYCC. Sean Hemeon looks terrified, Cheeks looks more interested in something happening in front of him, and only Jane Espenson seems appropriately thrilled by the fact that freaking Elmo is sitting on her shoulder.

 And yes, I’m terribly jealous of the whole scene

 This is Terry Degman driving cross country with a dog in his lap. Ovaries!

 Paul Ryan’s backup plan if the election doesn’t go his way

I’m going to presume this picture of Dot Marie Jones and Michael Urie is from the LA AIDS Walk, since it wasn’t labeled

I don’t blame Wil Wheaton for cuddling with Bobak Ferowsi, because I’d do it in a heartbeat given the lack of security

Perhaps this cuddle of Ryan Murphy and Chord Overstreet was less intentional

 Adoption of this pet is endorsed by John Barrowman. That isn’t, however, John’s phone number

So. Saturday Night Live was pretty much a bust this week with Christina Applegate, though she did the best she could with the material she had. I was a bit surprised with the opening monologue, because her stage  run was unknown to me, so when she burst out in song I was pleasantly surprised. And the appearance of cut-rate Muppets was a nice bonus. But seriously, whoever wrote this song hasn’t been in a retail store in six weeks, because the holidays are here in force.


But perhaps my favorite skit of the entire season did happen this week, with “Tech Talk.” Saturday Night Live is at its best when it pushes social commentary with the humor, and hearing whiny American technorati complain about the new iPhone 5 while being confronted with factory workers tread the line between funny and uncomfortable perfectly, and even knew when to end.


Jane Espenson, Cheeks, and Sean Hemeon sat down with MTV Geek at New York Comic-Con to talk about Husbands and the new comic book. Beyond the great information about the comic, this gives a fairly accurate picture of what it’s like to interview the crew, with Sean being very excited, Jane laughing even when your jokes aren’t funny, and Cheeks getting very serious about message and process. It’s loads of fun to talk to them.


Also at NYCC, Arrow premiered a new sizzle reel of material for the season. In addition to more murders and maiming that any broadcast show has fit into a trailer in recent memory, we also get two glances at John Barrowman’s character, including one with mommy dearest, which means he may not be a very nice person.


This new clip from Wreck-It Ralph has Jane Lynch giving her version of an inspirational speech to her grunts in Hero’s Duty. I’m really excited to see if this movie manages to successfully blend the tone of all the video game characters, from shooters like Hero’s Duty to the candy world of Sarah Silverman. It’s a tall order.


This clip is a couple of weeks old, but Carlos just showed it to me on YouTube, where I could run it here. Cookie Monster and Grover visit the Entertainment Weekly offices and spoof Doctor Who, Newsroom, The Avengers, and even The Hunger Games. I love it when the Sesame Street characters leave their reality and take a walk through pop culture. I’d like to ask management why we never get Muppets visiting our offices, but I think it might have something to do with us not really having offices.


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