Morning Meme: Karofsky’s Shocking Return, “White Frog” Jumps, and First Look at “Modern Family”‘s New Lily In Action

TNT found a way to interest me in their new Western, called Gateway.
They cast Cam
in the lead as one of three brothers trying to Cam Gigandetsave their town
after the murder of their father, the sheriff. Ever since his sexy arms (and
cute butt) showed up in Burlesque, I’ve been hooked.

The Republicans are calling President Obama’s plan to set a minimum tax on millionaires “class
warfare.” President Obama say no, it’s math. Town Called Dobson awakens to
remind us
that the Republicans already hate science, so hating math isn’t a
big step.

Melissa Etheridge,
in an interview I missed until Queerty brought it up, says
that The Voice is naturally going to be more inclusive of different types than
American Idol because of the blind audition. Who would have expected Beverly,
“a bald, pierced, tattoo, kilt-wearing dyke. And she’s got this great
voice, and you hear the voice first and then your eyes make the judgment.”

Mount Tambora, the most powerful recorded volcano, has rumbled awake, causing farmers in Indonesia who normally
ignore smoking mountains to flee in fear.

Lea Michele and Theor StocktonLea Michele has split from her boyfriend Theo Stockman after about a year. Frankly, I don’t know how any of
the Glee actors can maintain a relationship with their schedules.

An upcoming special election in Iowa could result in the
Democrats losing control of the Senate, bringing the possibility of a
Constitutional amendment ending marriage equality in the state into very real

Farewell Delores Hope,
singer and widow of Bob
, who passed away at the age of 102.

Liam Hemsworth
has joined the cast of The Expendables 2, which seems to go
against the entire concept of the franchise. But it makes me more likely to
catch it on HBO.Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono is being given additional security from the producers of Dancing
With the Stars
, the same way that Bristol
was when she stirred up controversy on the show.

Gingers are being turned away from the world’s largest sperm bank
(so much restraint required) because there’s little demand for ginger babies
these days. Dammit, people, they have souls!

In the end of an era, New York City is getting rid of their last single space, mechanical parking
in favor of new, electronic models that take credit cards. So many
sitcoms just became obsolete with their “change for the meter” bits.

Chris Evans PunctureI misunderstood Puncture when I ran the trailer a
while back. I thought Chris Evans
was just a hot, shirtless lawyer junkie. Now I know he’s playing the late Mike Weiss, who accidentally took on needle reuse and help combat
the spread of HIV. So it’s a serious movie about a junkie lawyer who likes to
flex his pecs while wearing slacks and suspenders with no shirt.

A federal judge has ruled that the tapes from the Prop 8
trial can be released, though he stayed the order through
September 30th for the inevitable appeal.

In a matter of weeks, gamers playing FoldIt managed to solve a protein problem that had been vexing
HIV scientMax Adlerists for a decade. It may lead to new research avenues.

And our long nightmare is nearing an end, with a settlement close in the Charlie Sheen lawsuits with Chuck
, Warner, and CBS. It’s estimated Sheen will end up with around $25 million
of the $100 million he sought, mostly related to back end money from

Max Adler says that
yes, he’s returning to Glee, and it’s a shocking storyline
that no one will see coming when it happens. In all fairness to Max, I don’t
see most of the storylines on Glee coming, because the show is so inconsistent.

I really can’t recall if I’ve seen this Glee image before. My brain isn’t what it used to be.  But in my mind, ’tis the season for pranks, like TP’ing a house, so here you go.

On television, the adults prank the teenagers.

Actually, just the way it worked out, this is going to be a Glee heavy page. Like this image of Lea Michele backstage at the Emmy Awards.

I wonder if they’re made of chocolate?

Then we have Chris Colfer on set with director Adam Shankman.

Or a Hobbit who believes he can fly on the E! GlamCam.

Evidently not exclusively in the woods.

I have no idea why this is funny. It just is.

And by the time you read this, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will be history. The Army jumped the gun just a little, releasing this letter on Monday reminding the troops that not much was changing. Also, don’t miss the first 101 out, active duty soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen in Outserve.

Not much changed, yet everything did.


We’ve got the first trailer for White Frog, starring BD Wong, Harry Shum, Jr., Tyler Posey and what appears to be a breakthrough performance by Booboo Stewart as a young man with Aspergers. This is heavy stuff, so I’m going to keep most of my social commentary about how convincing BD seems as a straight father to myself, with just a little side-eye to Ramin Setoodeh.


This is a quick promo for the new season of Walking Dead. It’s one of those shows people keep telling me to watch, but I haven’t, so I can’t say much about it, though MTV speculated about a zombie horse somewhere in the promo?


For no good reason, here’s a video of a hot twink trying on underwear from Attitude magazine.


I’ve lost track of what is the video for Jennifer Lopez’s “Papi” and what is a commercial for the new Fiat 500. I’m not sure there’s any difference.


Watch as the writers for The Daily Show thank all the right people for their Emmy Award, including the real hero, Glenn Beck.


I don’t get Workaholics. But I do love some of the phrases they coin, though I have no idea when I’d ever make use of “stingray coochie.” I don’t ever make use of regular coochie. Unless Charo is involved, then things get confusing fast.


In this new clip from Modern Family, we find out that Cam might be just a bit too attached to Lily. Or should I say NuLily? Or Gilded Lily? What did we use on As the World Turns?


Former President Bill Clinton thinks that the American Dream has been under fire for 30 years, and I have to agree with him. I’m not going to end up better off than my parents.


This promo for Chris Hardwick’s Ministry of Laughs on BBC America is notable enough for all the man hugging involved. But when he tells Doctor Who’s Matt Smith that he will put out, is that a general offer, or does he require a ride in the TARDIS first?


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