Morning Meme: Kristin Chenoweth Gets “Hot In Cleveland,” Bret Easton Ellis Preps Bisexual Full Frontal Screenplay, and Cat Deeley Teases a Celebrity “SYTYCD” Audition


MTV has finally signed off on a reunion show for 2Gether. The surviving members of the “boy band” will produce their own show and MTV will then air it. I’m fascinated to see 2getherhow seriously they take this.

I know this photo spread with the theme “Bros Blowin’ Shotties” is about sharing a hit, but it looks so sexy and erotic.

Bret Easton Ellis is writing a screenplay for (straight) porn star James Deen to star in. It’s meant to be a non-porn film, but Deen has to act and be full-frontal naked banging girls and guys.” This could end up being so bad it’s good.

While it’s theoretically a good thing that Josh Gad, Rory O’Malley, Michael Potts and Andrew Rannells have extended their contracts with The Book of Mormon through 2013, I’m not sure how that squares with the news that Rannells was cast as the lead in Ryan Murphy’s new family show.

With the announcement that Democratic state senator Mary Margaret Haugen would vote for marriage equality in Washington, they have the 25th vote for passage. But just like a kicker missing a field goal in a playoff game, she reminds us that it doesn’t matter what vote she was, just that she’s voting for it. Her full statement should be required reading for every politician on the subject.

Kristin ChenowethKristin Chenoweth is finally visiting Hot In Cleveland. She’ll play a friend of the girls who leaves her longtime boyfriend, a fancy dermatologist to the stars. They have to convince her to go back to him so they can keep getting appointments with him.

Towleroad has an It Gets Better video from out active duty Air Force in Afghanistan that really touched me, likely because of my Air Force roots.

Summer Glau is headed to Seattle Grace for a story arc. I’m trying to imagine the Whedon loyalists forcing themselves to watch Grey’S Anatomy and pretend they like it to support Glau, like they do all of Joss’ favorites.

Jason Ritter is going to try out life as a doctor in the upcoming NBC drama County. Frankly, I think I’d have preferred him as a hot fireman in their other new drama, Chicago Fire. I like firemen. Well, Hollywood firemen. The ones who hang out in front of my local fire station just don’t look the same.

Christopher Plummer may be barking up the wrong tree when he badmouths Uggi, the scene stealer from The Artist. Granted, his preference for Cosmo, the dog from Beginners might be biased, though his characterization of Terrence Malick is spot on.

Cat Deeley teases that a former celebrity judge is returning to So You Think You Can Dance, but as an auditioner. “He’s my best friend since doing the show,” teased an infectiously giddy Deeley. “He makes me laugh so much. I’m so excited to have him back!” Co-executive producer Jeff Thacker added, “He wanted to come in for an audition, just to see what they’re like. I think he’s going to bring something very special to it.” My guess is her buddy Jesse Tyler Ferguson.Tom Riley

In a rare victory for the 4th Amendment lately, SCOTUS ruled that police must have a warrant before placing a GPS tracking device on your car.

Starz has cast Tom Riley in Da Vinci’s Demons, their upcoming eight part series. I’m curious as to how it’s written, as many historians believe Da Vinci to have been gay, and the show is billed as “the ‘untold’ story of the world’s greatest genius during his turbulent youth in Renaissance Florence. Brilliant and passionate, the twenty five-year old da Vinci is an artist, inventor, swordsman, lover, dreamer and idealist.” I’m also trying to figure out why I was already following Riley on Twitter, unless it was because of his one episode of Bedlam.

NBC has picked up three comedies, including Rosanne Barr’s trailer park comedy Downwardly Mobile.

In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie continues to defy expectations by nominating a gay, African-American Republican mayor and assistant Attorney General to the state supreme court.

Gareth ThomasPR experts think that as long as Gareth Thomas moves away from reality television after Celebrity Big Brother, the show will be a big boost for his visibility, showing a more human, softer side of the athlete. It’s really worth paging through the slideshow from CBB in the article.

Ben Stiller is going to star and produce a series called All Talk on HBO, that revolves around the daily and life-altering dramas of a Jewish family in Washington, DC. Alan Alda is in talks to star.

 Can I just say that Warbler Jon Hall as a sailor is making me stand up and salute? No? Too late.

Helllllooo sailor!

 MTV seems to want us to take the fighters on Caged seriously, but then asked them what their favorite cartoon was and created this graphic. It’s like Lou Perlman bought the UFC.

Also, the most common favorite “cartoon” was Power Rangers

 But they can be so hard to house break.

On a more somber note, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords did one of her final acts as a congresswoman Monday, completing the constituent event that was cut short by gunfire. She’s seen here hugging her out former aid, Daniel Hernandez, who is credited with the first aid that saved her life.

Symbolism is important for healing.

 In order for The Avengers to assemble, Empire might need a double issue

 How does Gavin Creel manage to make that haircut work? Because I’d look like a dork.

Brad Falchuk joins Cory Monteith and Lea Michele in bed. I’m guessing theirs is an open marriage?

As if a naked Gareth Thomas didn’t already look as if he was carved from stone.

Henry Cavill, in full Superman gear, hair slicked back, poses with a young fan. I’m starting to be able to see him as the Man of Steel.

But I really preferred the unshaven lumberjack we saw in the set pictures.

 I thought penguins wore top hats and carried canes, not briefcases

Now with sayings as depressing as they taste.

Ugly Americans scribe Devin Clark created some drawings of what the Republican presidential candidates would look like if they were a part of his show. His Ron Paul might be more lifelike, so I went with Gingrich.

Although aren’t most lizards very lean?


 As if I wasn’t already feeling panic about being seen in swimwear next week, goes to the gym for workout tips with carved-from-marble Nick Adams. I need a parka for my cruise.


I really don’t know who Darling Companion is supposed to appeal to. It looks truly painful to watch, though Diane Keaton manages to chew scenery like mad.


An anti-nuclear (and honestly, anti-Iran) group created this parody of the JLo Fiat commercials to protest the company’s business dealings in Iran. To me, the politics of it all is a huge stretch, but I’ve been waiting for the JLo backlash to happen since she showed up everywhere two years ago. The fact that she didn’t even bother to drive the car through her old neighborhood and used a body double instead didn’t seem to stick. Maybe this will.


The Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock video game trailer is out. It looks a little wibbley wobbly to me, which is a good thing. Is River a playable character?


I don’t know a better way to describe this than what I say over on The Daily What, which is “This is why you never stop to check and see if the crazy-haired stranger is all right.”


Remember me mentioning that Matthew McConaughey was busting out David Wooderson from Dazed and Confused for the music video for Butch Walker’s “Synthesizers?” Well, here it is, with quite a bit more background beefcake than I was expecting.


Wilson Cruz talks about his long history working with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.


Which is part of a big week for him, because his character Jonni makes his first appearance on The Finder this week. He had described Jonni as his most outrageous character yet, though this doesn’t seem too over the top.


Remember that image from Caged on the previous page? This is the interview they based it on.


Brad Bell (Cheeks) sat on a panel about Interactive Storytelling in Web Series at the CES show in Las Vegas to discuss Husbands the Series and how it connected with the audience. It’s fun to see Cheeks be serious, and it’s great to see him up there with online heavyweights like the people behind The Guild.

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