Morning Meme: Lindsay Lohan Hosting “SNL,” “Modern Family” Cleans Up At Writers Guild Awards, and Lou Ferrigno Is the “Liberator”

As part of Deadline’s runup to the Oscars, they’ve been interviewing the nominees. When they sat down with Beginners Christopher Plummer, they talked about his choice of roles, Christopher Plummerand how he enjoyed making this film, his first gay role. “I found it a touching little film, and funny, and I had the most wonderful fun making it. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed making a film so much as this. Maybe I should always play gay people.”

In Germany, a 15-year-old girl discovered her parents were swingers after finding a video of them at a club on the TV channel’s RTL website. The parents sued, because while they were willingly interviewed for the piece, they were told their faces would be blurred, which the network forgot. In one of the most stunning examples of the differences between the American and German legal systems, the judge ruled the whole thing an honest mistake on the network’s part.

The Colbert Report will resume their normal taping schedule Monday after abruptly canceling two shows, the first time the program has ever missed a taping. No statement has been given for the Stephen Colbertinterruption, but some outlets are reporting that Colbert’s mother fell ill.

I’ve sat back fascinated as the New York media tripped over themselves with puns about Jeremy Lin’s rise to basketball stardom. I thought half of them were racist from the start, but ESPN joined the game and promptly tripped over their laces in two separate occasions, using “Chink in the Armor” on the web and Max Bretos also used the phrase on the air. Bretos has apologized, and the web employee has been terminated.

For reasons that escape me, Lindsay Lohan is hosting Saturday Night Live March 3rd, with musical guest Jack Black.

The box office had a solid weekend, with Safe House set to win the weekend, followed by The Vow, with Journey 2 and Ghost Rider 2 battling it out for third place, but all films over $20 million each.

After 60 years, scientists have determined that not only did Alan Turing’s work help end WWII, his biology theory of why tigers had stripes turns out to be true as well. Imagine what he could have done for the world had he not been driven to suicide after his prosecution for homosexual acts.

Tennessee Williams’ final play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere, was never performed before, despite multiple efforts since the playwright’s death. Now director David Schweizer has used computer techniques to edit the manuscript down to what he feels was Williams’ voice, and is approaching several top-name actresses about mounting a production beginning April 5th. Names reportedly in the mix include Meryl Streep,  Anjelica Houston, Kathleen Turner and Helen Mirren.Inspector Spacetime

I know there are a ton of Doctor Who fans here, and many of you tell me you love Community. So somewhere there has to be an intersection of you that will be excited that there’s going to be an Inspector Spacetime webseries comprised of six episodes.

At the Writers Guild Awards, Modern Family picked up trophies for Comedic Episode and Comedy Series, while Cinema Verite grabbed the award for Longform Original. Steve Levitan of Modern Family joked that people were sick of the show winning, and asked if they could direct the backlash elsewhere.Chris Cornell

Are you ready for Angry Birds: Space?

I’d missed the fact that Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell broke up an argument in a lounge at the Seattle Airport after a man in a business suit “called another man a queer when he overheard him make a pro-Obama statement.” Cornell was in town for an Obama fundraiser, and jumped into the argument saying “You deliberately called him a queer to make him feel uncomfortable in front of a lot of people.”  Security removed the man in the business suit. I’d like to argue that the guy in the suit didn’t call the other man “queer” to make him uncomfortable, he called him “queer” because he’s a homophobic, immature asshat.

 Joan Collins said this was from a fabulous dinner party, but in my mind, I like to think she dresses like this to go to the grocery store.

I know fur is wrong, but it does like right on Joan.

 London, I believe Matthew Mitcham has arrived. I think. His tweet seemed ambiguous

 You can feel small and insignificant, or use it as an excuse to get away with something

 Birthday boy Chord Overstreet said this was his McPherson guitar, but is that Chord, or someone else? It doesn’t even look like Chord.

If so, I like the short hair, and hate the Instagram ambiguity

 I wonder how many of these toys from Kenner were misappropriated?

 As for places cold and snowy (much like my current environs), Cory Monteith ran into Tony Hawk on the slopes.

One of them looks more pleased than the other

 And Adam Shankman is in Idaho

 Cheyenne Jackson and Fox 5 weatherman Mike Woods sat down for a meal at Cook Shop. I doubt either man overindulged like they claimed.

That’s a lot of pretty, and I bet Monte took the picture, adding to the pretty quotient


Maya Rudolph vastly improved Saturday Night Live this week, and the whole thing was infinitely more watchable than usual (except “What’s Up With That?” which needs to die a quick death as a skit. I was hoping Bill O’Reilly would get fed up and rant at them), from her musical number implying she’d boned the entire cast (including Stefon) to “Weekend Update” with Seth and Amy. But my favorite skit, possibly of the entire season, was the celebrities coming to pay homage to Blue Ivy Carter. And having Justin Timberlake show up as Bon Iver was brilliant and timely after the Grammy reactions.


My second favorite skit was “Cosby Obama” With our divine FLOTUS creating a sitcom/reality show to encourage healthier eating. It could be my age, but they nailed some critical pop culture moments in my life with this one.


Can someone tell me if there is anything amusing or original in Friends With Kids? Because it seems like a dozen other movies in the last year, down to the poop on the face joke. This is red band, so NSFW.


Have you ever paid attention to the cheap special effects in some of the technical college advertisements you see on television? Henry and Aaron certainly were, and they felt they could do better, while mocking the others.


Liberator is an upcoming short starring Lou Ferrigno as a fallen super hero and Lou Grant as the President of the United States. It’s pretty campy.


You know the story that Adele’s 21 was inspired by an ex? Did you know that the ex was really just a one-night stand she got really clingy about? Me either.


Did you know there was now Dog TV, specifically designed to entertain your pooch while you’re away at work? It should be noted that there is no equivalent for cats, as they are too busy planning to kill all humans.


This animation called Whale Fall shows how nature reclaims something as huge as a whale when it dies, and the creatures that do the work. It’s oddly beautiful for rotting flesh. Must be the papercraft.


Tuesday at 11 PM on Logo, Dan Savage will have a special about the It Gets Better Project that will also air on MTV. The project has grown into something of a movement with champions and detractors, and how and why it started has gotten kind of lost.

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