Morning Meme: Matthew Mitcham Gets Physical, “Skins UK” Actor Cast In “Battlestar,” and “Vampire Diaries” Asks “Got Wood?”

MTV says that sponsors or no sponsors, ratings or no ratings, they intend
to air all ten episodes of Skins USA. PETA, in their normal odd PETAmessage, has
asked to step up as a sponsor, but say they’re prefer to have the airtime free.
Which wouldn’t solve the sponsor issues, but gets PETA free publicity for their skinned alligator and rabbit
commercial voiced by Pink and Ricky Gervais.

Taco Bell insists that their taco meat is actually beef, and that
they’ll be pursuing legal action against the law firm that says otherwise. And
then they’ll sick their little dog on you.

Daniel Hernandez, Jr.
teaming with New York City
Mike Bloomberg
for a gun control measure. It’s a logical fit, though I’m
still missing our gay hero’s connection to NYC.

One minute, I kind of love Rep. Dennis Kucinich. The next, I’m staring blankly at a story
about him suing the company that runs the House dining room for
sending him a sandwich with an olive pit in it. His dental bills and pain and
suffering are worth $150,000, even with that Cadillac Congressional health

Luke PasqualinoLuke Pasqualino,
of Skins UK will be playing the young William Adama in Battlestar:
Blood and Chrome
. Based on the nearly naked centerfold for Cosmo, I’m shocked to learn a young
Adama was so twinky. His commander will be played by Ben Cotton.

Now that Comcast owns NBC, the network has picked up Chelsea Handler’s sitcom about a boozy 20-something Handler. I
would love to see what her files hold.

Thanks to a GPS collar, scientists tracked a polar bear as she swam for nine days
looking for ice. She lost a third of her body weight, and her cub didn’t
survive the hunt for ice to rest on.

CBS has renewed daytime’s The
for another season. Not that I thought Les was going to cancel his
wife’s show after half a season.

Nikita is going to
do a major fight scene in a Turkish bath, with lots and lots of
men standing around in towels. And the show will somehow manage to make that
bleak and dull, like they manage to make all their action scenes bleak and

There are pictures of Katy
playing Honey on How I Met Your Mother. She has Barney in tears, curling into the fetal position, which is what
happens to me anytime she sings.

I can’t find anything specifically gay in this press release
about the new BBC America show Gigi: Almost American from Josh
, and yet I can’t help but think we’ll end up covering it. There’s
something there, I can feel it.

It is confirmed, Jay-Z
and Will Smith have formed a new film company, and one of the first
projects will be a remake of Annie
starring WillowMichael Cudlitz Smith, produced by

The Pentagon is set to make an announcement about the training plan for Don’t Ask,
Don’t Tell repeal, and the schedule is impressively quick. We should know
details on Friday.

Officer Cuddleybear
hit season highs Tuesday night.

Kele Okereke is
reportedly writing a gay erotic memoir, and is moving to New York City to
finish the book.

The footage from the Kickstarter campaign for Shakedown, a documentary about the rise of lesbian strip clubs,
by lesbians, for lesbians, with an accent on lesbians of color is fascinating,
if mildly NSFW. I’m Jonathan Knightcurious where they take this.

At the premiere for next year’s Best Picture winner, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, Tiffany spoke a bit about her comments on NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight “I didn’t know it was
going to be such a big deal. 2011 for me is all about ‘I don’t want to know
anything. He’s darling. Of course he’s a darling. I never meant to hurt him,
and I think he’s an awesome person. I really do. He has so much class.”

I’m rapidly turning into an Apple person after decades of sneering at their products. I’m on my second iPhone, I love my iPad, and I’m contemplating a MacBook Pro. Frankly, as I’ve gotten older I just like things that work. But if this guy comes with this Samsung phone like the free bumpers that I got with my iPhone 4, I might be persuaded to switch.

Who has time to groom a beard that perfectly?

You killed Kenny!

Scott Caan’s injury is all better, and he’s started showing off that compact body of his on Hawaii Five-0 lately. And much like I tweeted about Alex O’Loughlin the other night, I don’t think the show has a budget for underwear. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

Why do they ever wear clothes on Hawaii Five-0?

I will never be able to view Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers the same way again.

The photography series “Dancers Among Us” is utterly fascinating. I spent a lot of time just staring at the different photos. I highly encourage you to do so as well – Jordan Matters is very talented.

Two of these are real workers.

Hockey player Sean Avery did a shirt for Marc Jacobs’ “Protect the Skin You’re In” campaign against skin cancer. If he’s too busy to protect it, I’d be happy to stand guard .

It’s a conversation starter.

Nick Adams was in the studio recording the official cast album for the Broadway production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. He’s utterly adorable, but don’t they have heat in the studio?

Why all bundled up?

And finally, Matthew Mitcham was having some fun with colored tape, though he might have said “coloured” tape. But we both agree, it’s very Olivia Newton John.

I support anything that has him raise his shirt.

Yesterday, The Vampire Diaries wanted you to “Catch VD” and today, they want to know “Got Wood?” Well, not since you made me think I was going to catch a disease, no. Maybe you should have done these in the reverse order?


James McAvoy was supposed to be promoting that rather awful looking Gnomeo & Juliet, but fortunately he talked about X-Men: First Class instead. His Patrick Stewart impression is pretty good, but at the end where he he talks about how much it sucks to play Professor X compared to some of the other mutant is my favorite.


Apropos of nothing, this is a video of a rottweiler dancing in the snow while wearing little shoes. Did I mention that this is Cheyenne Jackson’s dog? Or that he titled the video “Don’t be jealous of my boogie?”

The Onion SportsDome takes on the issue of high school football documentaries, which are reaching epidemic levels in Texas.


I’m a little torn about this video of Portia singing for Ellen on her birthday. I found it truly sexy, and extremely subversive for daytime television – it’s sort of “Teenage Dream” for lesbians. But I could have done without them ending it was a joke, and kept it serious and sexy all the way.


The Old Spice guy is back. Evidently with cheaper writers.


Elmo continues to charm Sundance. I’ve always been on the fence about how Elmo stole the spotlight from the characters that were front-and-center when I was a kid. But the more I see him in the hands of Kevin Clash, working improv, the more I love the little red guy.

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