Morning Meme: Megan Mullally Is In For “Party Down” Movie, Fox Says No “Glee” Spin Off, and Mo Rocca Investigates College Football Fashion

Megan Mullally has confirmed that the Party Down movie is a go, and that she will be a part of it when it starts shooting late spring. The entire cast is expected back with the possibleMegan Mullally exception of Jane Lynch.

At the winter TCAs, Fox confirmed that while the seniors are graduating on Glee, there will not be a spin-off, and all the characters will be returning next year. “There will not be a Glee spinoff,” Reilly continued, “but those characters will graduate and it’s led to a very interesting idea that I think is going to really give us something cool to dig into next season.”

The same briefing finally officially stuck a stake in the heart of Allen Gregory.

Plus, Fox is starting up a digital department similar to Adult Swim, staffed by former Adult Swim executives, to create adult animated content for their late-night Saturday block that previously held Spike Feresten and Wanda Sykes.

Brad Pitt appeared at the Palm Springs Film Festival sporting a fashionable cane, which he’s stuck with for a while. He said he was carrying his daughter up a hill and fell, and could only protect himself or her, and she takes priority.

Beyonce Jay-ZIt’s not just the government in the United States that spends money wildly. Canada has a doozy of a list, including paying consultants $90,000/day to tell them how to save money.

Hold everything: Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter over the weekend. This is hip-hop royalty.

In the New Hampshire debates, while discussing GLBT rights, Newt Gingrich went off on a rant about the anti-Christian bias in America and how the media doesn’t report it. The crowd went nuts. I’m yet to see how the vast majority of the population, which wields enormous financial and political power while enjoying huge government subsidies can complain about bias. And Newt’s story that Catholic Charities was force to shut down because of marriage equality is a blatant lie. They were just told if they wanted tax dollars to do the work they had to treat everyone equally. If they wanted to fund it themselves, they were welcome to discriminate.

JusticeGH tips us to Kirstie Alley’s new dancing workout routine. She is going to have a different partner for each video, with John Travolta and Jonathan Knight announced.

Chelsea Lately is upgrading its real estate. The show is going to move into the state of the art sound stage that NBC built for Conan O’Brien when he briefly took over The Tonight Show.

Katy Perry has spoken up for the first time since news of her divorce from Russell Brand broke, and she’s not happy about all the tabloids quoting “sources” about her life. “Concerning the gossip, I want to be clear that NO ONE speaks for me. Not a blog, magazine, “close sources” or my family.” Which is oddly refreshing.

If you have $2.95 million you can buy the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel Valley. It comes with 160 acres of land, has a 20,000 square foot facility, helipad, can take a 5 megaton nuclear blast, and comes with an antenna that can broadcast just about anything anywhere.

Weekend, which we loved, has won the Golden Tomato for the best-reviewed romance film of 2011. Beginners came in third.Weekend

MSNBC has put Pat Buchanan on indefinite suspension as long as he’s promoting Suicide Of A Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? Now if they’d just go ahead and fire the old crank.

Disney has picked Robert Stromberg to direct Maleficent, which is still planned as a starring vehicle for Angelina Jolie. Stromberg has never directed before, but was the production designer for Avatar and Alice In Wonderland.

Australia and New Zealand are famously accommodating and friendly, and now we may know why. They top the list worldwide for consumption of weed and amphetamines.

The Jane Doe suing IMDb for revealing her age has released her name in order to continue litigation as ordered. Huong Hoang, whose stage name is Junie Hoang, is 40, but lists herself as able to play 26-33 years old. At issue is if IMDb obtained her age from her signing up to their IMDb Pro service as opposed to public records.

Rooney MaraVuzix has developed a reasonably attractive set of shades that contain a fully functional display overlay that can be driven by a smartphone. I want these because of reasons.

Despite a mediocre opening, Sony has announced plans to go ahead with the Dragon Tattoo sequels. David Fincher isn’t yet on board.

 My future ex-husband Russell Tovey has a great sense of humor. He tweeted this with “Spot the difference”

I think his ears are adorable. And potentially useful.

 When Hudson Taylor isn’t busy coaching wrestling at Columbia, fighting homophobia, or working with his Athlete Ally foundation, he likes to have fun, like participating in the 10th Annual No Pants Subway Ride (with his wife).

With thighs like that, he could easily be mistaken for a rugby player.

 Why does this word seem to come up so frequently these days? I blame Wil Wheaton for this.

 Gareth Thomas seems to be determined to make the most of Celebrity Big Brother, for reasons I can’t begin to imagine. Here he is after a competitive workout with someone named Romeo.

It hardly seems fair – they’re nowhere near the same size.

 Grant Gustin is into tall women.

 Normally, on a bobblehead, it’s just the head that’s out of proportion. But there’s never any way to hide Nick Adam’s upper body.

I want one for my dashboard.

Viktor Voronov snoozes blissfully on the beach, oblivious to his new husband Johnny Weir’s longstanding fear of beach sharks.

You’ll get weird tan lines sleeping in the sun like that.

Perhaps if I could stand watching The New Girl I would understand if it was a show joke that “Versace is only for Saturday night.”

I prefer Max Greenfield without a shirt/jacket.

This can’t possibly end well.

Whatever Avan Jogia is working on, I don’t think it’s Victorious.

Because I didn’t get around to it last week, I have to start off with this scene from Suburgatory with the overly aggressive pixelation ruining the fulfillment of my Jeremy Sisto and Alan Tudyk slashfic.


And because it’s Monday, we do have our Saturday Night Live review. I admit I missed part of the show because my DVR cut it off due to the late start, so I may have missed some things at the end. Kelly Clarkson wowed the vocals as the musical guest, but I don’t know how she pissed off her stylist. She’s a beautiful woman, but that just wasn’t good. What was good was the “White People Problems” sketch starring Charles Barkley. Some outlets have claimed the show ripped off Louis CK, but this meme has been out in the world way longer than that. Easily my favorite sketch of the night.


Meanwhile, I was stunned by how well they did Charles Barkley up in drag as Joann, who comes out as a lesbian. It’s probably no better written than an episode of Work It, but it could have gone so much worse, I’m going to call it a win. Plus, I found Paul Brittain adorable.


Having an “Adult Video Awards In Memoriam” could have gone bad quickly, so I’m fine with it being cliche and dull. Bonus points for deal with both gay, and gay-for-pay performers.


Billy Eichner wants everyone on his show to know that Meryl Streep is the best actress in the world, and he doesn’t deal well with dissension.


We mentioned over the weekend that RuPaul crashed the New Hampshire Republican primary stumping spots. He gave a lot of interviews, including this one to Reuters.


Mo Rocca looked at the emerging fashion scene in college football, a trend started by the University of Oregon Ducks, but it’s spreading nationwide. They even have fashion shows.


Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch created ME @ the Zoo, a documentary about internet celebrity Chris Crocker. It will screen at Sundance this year. I remain oddly fascinated by Chris, who seems to live his life on his own terms.


In Tennessee, it appears that they’re about to gut their anti-bullying law with a religious exemption similar to the one that nearly passed in Michigan, and our favorite Michigan legislator is joining the fight to stop this one too.


Finally, I had missed this adorkable NOH8 video from Sean Paul Lockhart, Anton Troy, and Tim Sullivan of I Was a Teenage Werebear. Werebears need love too.


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