Morning Meme: Neil Patrick Harris Is Dreaming, Angus T. Jones Apologizes – Profusely, and Dylan O’Brien Goes Commando For “Teen Wolf”

In the news of the fallout from Angus T. Jones bashing Two and a Half Men, he has apologized for seeming ungrateful to the show, Angus T Jonesthe cast, and the crew in a statement no doubt written by his managers. Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen has weighed in with a short statement that packs a lot of punch, “With Angus’s Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it is radically clear to me that the show is cursed.”

Cate Blanchett is set to star in the live action production of Cinderella as the Evil Stepmother that Disney has had in development for nearly three years.

Carnival Cruises has apologized and backtracked on a rule that guests attending their Drag Queen Cruise would not be allowed to dress in drag themselves, and that only the stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race would be allowed to dress up. They’re blaming it on a miscommunication, along with rules since 9/11 requiring guests to be able to be identified by government issued ID at any time. Having cruised on the Atlantis cruise on Royal Caribbean this winter, I know that costumes were allowed, and indeed encouraged on that cruise.

The American Family Association is calling for a two month boycott on Gap for failing to use the word “Christmas” in their holiday advertising. Meanwhile, Gap has exercised a lot of the Christian ideal by donating $1 million to Hurricane Sandy relief, something that the AFA hasn’t done.

MovemberThe Boys of Movember

A study of 177 female porn stars has revealed that contrary to what’s thought of as common knowledge, they are more empowered, with higher self esteem than the average population.

A lawsuit for fraud has been launched in New Jersey against a firm offering reparative therapy. The firm has ties to NARTH, a noted anti-gay organization famous for flawed “research” and claims against the GLBT community.

Papermag has the first images from Disappear HerJames Duke Masone, the new political thriller funded on Kickstarter and starring local favorite James Duke Mason.

President Obama has nominated the first out Latina judge to the federal bench with Nitza Quiñones Alejandro. Alejandro has the unique plus of being recommended by Democratic Senator Bob Casey and Tea Party Republican Rep. Pat Toomey.

There are new pictures from the set of Catching Fire, with Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin in shiny, futuristic tribute uniforms, which I had originally assumed were just wetsuits.

Topping the list of Least Influential People of 2012 is Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who appears on the list with Amanda Bynes, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Ryan Lochte, and more.

Neil's Puppet DreamsA group of ACT Up protesters stormed Speaker John Boehner’s office yesterday to protest his planned cuts in HIV funding. Three arrests were made.

Naturally, The Nerdist has an interview with Neil Patrick Harris about their production of Neil’s Puppet Dreams. And yes, there were scenes that were so raunchy they had to be cut, which I hope eventually make it online.


How cute is my future ex-husband and our son?

 Teen Wolf had their first table read for the new season, and the boys were out in full force. I’m kind of loving Dylan’s long, messy hair, and hope he keeps it for the season.

I’m also loving that he’s apparently not wearing underwear

 Some days, you just can’t catch a break

 Matt Doyle prepares for his The Book of Mormon launch with Will Blum

 Mark Ballas and Maks have an epic bromance

 I wonder who caused that? h/t OMG!!!

 Could I have some privacy here!?!?

 Adam Lambert debuted his new tattoo, which I almost didn’t run because I feel the pain of getting it just by looking

Did you ever think that your hangover was literally torturing you? Like it was a physical presence adapting to any situation to make you miserable? Perhaps your hangover’s name is Charles.


Brad Pitt of course is quite happy with the election results, and is vocal about his support for equality, and how he doesn’t understand how it’s an issue at all. But he is confused that another issue he supports, the legalization of pot, has been linked with equality since the election, since he sees them as very different things, with very different outcomes.


Meeting your college roommate for the first time can be stressful, even under the best of circumstances and with great planning. I’m not entirely sure that my freshman roommate said more than 10 words to me the first semester, and I was completely dressed when I met him. My Gay Roommate is a new webseries that explores what happens when things don’t go quite as planned.


We showed you the behind the scenes of Neil’s Puppet Dreams last week, with Neil Patrick Harris dreaming in puppet, with the felt friends provided by Henson Alternative. The first episode is here, and while it’s remarkably short on go-go boys, it gives us a huge amount of cute, placing the setting in the nursery at the home of Neil, and his partner David.


The National Organization for Marriage’s spokesbigot Damian Goddard is upset with Minnesota Viking’s Chris Kluwe and his work for marriage equality. He’s pretty rude about it too, but have no fear, because Kluwe has responded, in a remarkably restrained fashion.


The studios of Univision have a herd of feral cats that live in the parking lot. Sometimes they get into the studio, like this one did during a live weather forecast. Personally, I think the cat was trying to figure out how to take control of the satellite being used for broadcast.


For the first time, we have high definition, slow motion video of a cheetah running, captured with a Phantom camera at 1200 frames/second. It’s truly remarkable to see this perfectly engineered animal run, with every muscle showing like this. Kick it up to full screen and sit back.


In this scene from The Hobbit, Gandalf gives Bilbo a sword that glows. The jokes write themself.


In this week’s episode of Ask the SexPERT with Conner Habib, he is joined by comic artist Justin Hall to give advice both to a woman about how to start drawing erotic art and to a comic who wants to know how much of her own sexual exploits are too much to share in her work.

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