Morning Meme: NPH Gets “Punk’d,” “The Wire: The Musical,” and Is Black Panther the Next Marvel Film?

Teen Wolf won the lottery for film credits in California, and will be moving production from Georgia. I’m not sure I can see them creating the same creepy forest scenes inTeen Wolf SoCal. Maybe they’ll shoot up north. I don’t actually remember MTV renewing them for next season already, so this is good news.

On Thursday, Maggie Gallagher will be debating Wayne University associate professor John Corvino at the Institute for American Values at 6PM. They’ll be webcasting the event, and it should be a good one.

I’d normally ignore a discussion of a radio program by a 14-year-old, but Caiden Cowger is from my home state of West Virginia, and he’s got some pretty messed up ideas about gay rights. He says that President Obama is turning kids gay. “You know what? I knew these kids — some of them I was friends with, they were not, homosexuals. They just decided, ‘I think I’m going to be gay,’” He also feels that he’s being bullied because “When you’re trying to teach them the word of God, and they consider that bullying, yeah, I find that a big problem with not being allowed to convert other people to my religion.” He’s not a random kid, he’s big enough of a deal to be talking to Herman Cain and Senate candidate John Raese, who would be a horrible addition to Washington.

The Street has an interesting piece on the reluctance of financial analysts to talk about gay stances that corporations take, from JC Penney to Starbucks. ” JC PenneyJ.C. Penney makes a similarly transparent move, but I don’t think it’s pathetic. In fact, I commend a major American corporation, particularly one that’s as much a part of the old guard as any other, for coming out on such a divisive issue. It’s about freaking time.”

This is an interesting essay on sexuality and owning your own life. “If you are a sexually active member of the LGBTQ community, there are enough people out there who hate you for what you enjoy sexually, and you don’t need to be one of them. There are literally two different places in your brain that separately control your sexual expression and your politics. As a consenting adult, the only obBlack Pantherligation you have is to be responsible about your sexuality. And you don’t ever need to apologize for it!”

There’s a report, to be taken with a grain of salt, that the next Marvel movie to be added to the schedule is Black Panther. It makes sense, Black Panther is a part of the current Avengers cartoon, and would make a natural addition to The Avengers 2.

Sir Paul McCartney has been booked to close the opening ceremony for the London Olympics. While it might be hard for the UK to manage the budget used for the opening of the Beijing Olympics, they have a stable of super stars like Sir Paul who could put on quite a show.

Michael Musto has a stunning photo tribute to Ty Hardin, who I recognize, but never knew his name.

The Star Wars television show that has 50 scripts but no financial model to make it isn’t for kids. It’s being called Deadwood in space, which makes it sound even more awesome to me.

Wreck-It RalphThere are new images for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, which will have the big guy traveling through various video game worlds, evidently including Q-bert, which use to be my favorite game to play at the skating rink many, many years ago.

I’m a little unclear on final passage because it mentions a third reading and my understanding of the Ontario process is worse than my understanding of the U.S. Senate, but the bill that would require schools to allow gay-straight allowances, even in state-funded Catholic schools, has passed.

Pink is still too ill to perform at the fundraiser for President Obama, but Darren Criss has stepped up to raise money for the campaign. I believe this is the event that’s associated with Ryan Murphy, so Murphy probably just tugged on the cord he has attached to all the Glee kids souls.

Disney is taking the extraordinary step of banning advertisements on their channels for food that doesn’t meet minimum nutritional requirements if the programming is aimed at young children. Count Chocula is vowing revenge.Northstar and Kyle

The artwork and sketches for the proposal of Northstar to Kyle are up for auction, from original sketches to the final print.

 The paper in Lancaster, PA that originally declined to print a paid same-sex engagement announcement last week has changed their policy. They claimed originally that the announcement was in conflict with community standards, but the community rose up and told them they were wrong. The chairman of the company called the couple to inform them personally of the change.


 David Blue has certainly come a long way from schlubby Cliff on Ugly Betty. Yowza

 I really want to like this Pride ad for the Chevy Volt. It comes from a good place, it’s meant to be a positive protrayal, and it’s cute and may even qualify as clever. But I keep hearing Vince Vaughan in The Dilemma saying “electric cars are gay.”

Which may have been the reference they were going for, but shouldn’t have

 No big. Just Kris Allen hanging out with Ice T

 William Levy with Travis Winfrey on the set of Single Ladies. That’s a lot of beef

 Hunky Ben Cohen pimping the Stand Up Foundation at the Bingham Cup

 This is Grygiel, with “Make It Out” produced entirely by teens at the Real To Reel program. It’s heartbreaking and empowering at the same time. It’s something you should watch and share.


Diane Kelly offers to tell us everything we don’t know about penises. As a gay man, I felt that she was probably overreaching, because I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert. I even have one of my own that I’ve been studying for years. But this was fascinating, discovering that we really don’t know that much about how the thing works. Possibly NSFW due to animals putting theirs into practice, or if your cubical neighbors may object to repeated use of the word penis, but it’s actually quite scholarly.


Animal expert David Mizejewski brought two seven week old baby jaguars to visit Conan, and it’s just as adorable as it sounds. He also brought a Binturong, which is an odd beast I had the pleasure of meeting back in 2006 in Miami at Jungle Parrot Island. It really does smell like fresh buttered popcorn, even if it has a diet of bananas.


The Queen has prepared an address for the people thanking the organizers of the Diamond Jubilee. It’s sweet, but you’d think a monarch could have hocked one of the lesser crown jewels to get a better video editor.


Cooper Smith and Todd Koch, who you know as the JC Penney Dads from the Father’s Day ad talk with their local news about how they got in the catalog and what they think of the reaction, from their families, and from One Million Moms.


Grizzly Bear with out froont man Ed Droste is preparing a new album for September release, and here we have the first single, “Sleeping Ute.” I’ve never really gotten into their music personally, but I love supporting people like Ed.


Jeremy Hooper, who fights tirelessly for equality over at Good As You, has a new book coming out called If It’s A Choice, My Zygote Chose Balls. I’ve met Jeremy in San Frascisco, and he’s a great guy, and as the video said, he has arresting eyes. Really stunning eyes in fact. It helps that there’s a sharp mind and a good person behind them.


If U.S. Sports Center was like Canadian Sports Center, I might watch it.


So. The Wire: The Musical is something that someone thought would be funny. And adding jazz hands to a gritty drug drama does have a certain charm, but since I never watched the series, I missed basically all of the references.


In my never ending quest to get you guys to geek out with me, I present How High Can We Build, which is just that, a history of the art of building tall things, and speculation on what else we may be able to build.


On Thursday, Neil Patrick Harris gets Punk’d. From this video, he remains basically unflappable, but we do learn that he’s just not into bears.


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