Morning Meme: Parker Young Takes Center Stage On “Suburgatory,” Goodbye Bristol Palin, and Is Daniel Radcliffe Just a Young Jon Hamm?

Taylor Momsen and Connor Paulo have been spotted on the set of Gossip Girl, leading some Connor Paulo and Taylor Momsento speculate a family reunion for the series finale. Maybe Eric will come home with a husband?

Scientists have discovered a planet in Alpha Centauri, only 4.3 light years away, and it’s earth sized. Who wants to hop on a 10 year spaceship with me?

Chick-Fil-A says that the infamous ad from the Georgia location referencing fruitcakes isn’t a gay slur, but a five year old holiday campaign. Or it could be a five year old gay slur.

Mario LopezKhloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez have been confirmed as the hosts of The X Factor. Can we make him do it shirtless?

Buzzfeed talked to Ryan Andresen, who was denied his Eagle Scout badge because he was gay. When asked what he might say to other closeted teens, Andresen admits there are no easy answers. “My advice is always when I came out of the closet, I always share my story and how much it helped. I really didn’t have any confidence in myself until I came out and that’s when I started really understanding myself and loving myself. So I always encourage people to [not] do it if it doesn’t feel right. However, you’re going to get a lot more support than you think. With Scouting it’s very hard. I want everyone to go through to get their Eagle and I know a lot of them can’t do that unless they’re closeted. It’s very tough for me to answer that.”

Eliciting a collective groan from over the pond, Fox is developing an American version of Gavin & Stacey. I fear this is going to be a lot like Coupling, and not translate all that well.

Jon Hamm is playing an older version of Daniel Radcliffe in the UK miniseries The Young Doctor’s Notebook. There are worse people to grow into Jon Hamm.Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm

Goodbye, Bristol Palin. May you fade into the obscurity you so richly deserve.

The Supreme Court declined to take up the issue of early voting in Ohio, which Secretary of State Jon Husted opposed in what many see as a voter suppression tactic.

Dreamworks founders David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg have each donated $30 million to the MPTF for their charity work. All of these men are rich enough to not notice the money, but it’s not even a rounding error to the out mogul Geffen.

Because the world needs it, there will be a Son of Ernest movie made. Know what I mean, Vern?

The Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group has spent the $1.5 million they allocated to defend DOMA using private attorneys. So far, they’ve lost every case they’ve taken up while wasting taxpayer dollars. How much Parker Youngmore will they blow through?

Sexy Parker Young on Suburgatory will eventually learn that he’s adopted, opening up storylines for the lovable hunk. It also will bring the character more in line with who Parker Young felt he was when he was cast. Well, emotionally, not intellectually. That must have been one poorly written character description. “When I originally auditioned for the role, I had a completely different perception of the kid. He was a smart kid in my mind, got straight As. And then come Episode 2, he’s saying stuff like, ’Avatar is a foreign film.’ It kind of freaked me out a bit at first like, ’Oh my God, this is not who I thought he was. But ultimately I’m happier with it. I think it gives me a lot more freedom.”


 Ryan Murphy seems enamored with Lynda Carter, who doesn’t seem to age

 Jake Shears wants you to know this is available in the merchandise booth at the concerts

 Speaking of backsides, is this British Gas sponshorship of Tom Daley a mistake, or just clever?

 Jeff Davis needs to answer this question definitively, preferrably with key art

 Eddie McClintock says that he’s working 17 hour days to bring us new Warehouse 13

 Nick Adams gets political

 Andrew Rannells and Barrett Foa at the AIDS Walk in Los Angeles

 Lesbians, you can now own your own Jane Lynch action figure. I don’t want to know what you do with it

Internet, will you please fix this poster? You know Dylan’s first time isn’t with her

Cheyenne Jackson and the divine Judith Light at the Elton John AIDS Foundation gala

I’m not sure I care about the Tresspassing EP, but I’m in love with this picture of Adam Lambert

This is not Photoshop, but something that happened in the real world


 At the gym, guys were talking about this living Ken doll who who has had 90 plastic surgeries to get his body and his face. Needless to say, in a room full of guys grunting and sweating to try and look better, this wasn’t a popular segment.


Good Morning America talks to Rob Wilson, the first male model on The Price Is Right. He hopes it means something other than him with his shirt off. That’s noble, but in reality, I don’t think it does. But I do think it’s troubling he’s allowed to speak in the Showcases, while the women never have. What exactly does that say?


This very cute man says that he doesn’t know how to talk to women, so he’s going to try and use Taylor Swift lyrics as pickup lines. I don’t really know anything about talking to women either, but I’m pretty sure I know that this isn’t going to get either of us laid. Frankly, after all the Taylor Swift lyrics about her exes, I’m shocked Taylor Swift lyrics get Taylor Swift laid anymore.


Possibly the most adorable campaign contribution pitch ever, the son of Washington gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna, who became a YouTube sensation dancing gangnam style, wants you to donate to his dad under the condition that neither of his parents ever dance in public again.


Emma Watson is fascinated and taken aback by how forward American males are about dating, but really can’t abide with the fact that they wear flip flops. Trust me Emma, it’s a small price to pay for directness, and I doubt the British accent is quite the draw for you as it is for me.


Mika, dressed more conservatively than I’ve ever seen before, says that he spoke out about his orientation because he’s happy, and talking about it now comes from a place of joy for him. As it should.


Angelina Pivarnick and Adam Barta of Jersey Shore debate marriage equality, and prove that we probably should nuke the Jersey shore as a preventative measure.


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